Justin N. Froyd - Oct 12, 2022
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So, you've decided to include your pet on your next journey, possibly for the first time. When you're off on a road trip or taking a flight, animals that aren't accustomed to sitting still for extended periods will struggle.

Trips with pets don't have to be daunting or unpleasant. You can take measures to prepare your animal to the point that they enjoy the journey alongside you. Here are some key ways to keep them happy.

Treats and Toys
When pets are put into environments that are alien to them, it can cause anxiety and nervousness. Chances are, they soothe themselves and keep themselves occupied at home with their toys.

Toys can be just as effective outside of the home. They smell familiar and create a welcome distraction for your pet, reminding them they're safe while entertaining.

A good trick is to challenge your animal with its toys. For instance, some chew toys have hollowed centers where you can add treats like peanut butter. It can be challenging to get to the sweet center, which can focus your pet as it puts its mind to the task.

Of course, if you're off on a flight, bringing along food items may not be possible. It's noteworthy, too, that different states have issued laws that will impact your pet traveling, especially if they are an emotional support animal. Check out the emotional support animal laws in Missouri to see how they vary compared to your area or state.

Engage Your Animal
It might sound silly, but owners and pets usually have a strong bond. You're the person they look to for safety and protection.

Both cats and dogs will respond to their name, so get chatting with them. Your voice will be a comforting sound. Just think, when you're at home, all you need to do is say your dog's name, and it'll get their tail wagging.

As the journey continues, keep talking to your animal. Use an enthusiastic tone to reassure them everything is okay and you're having a good time.

Don't Rush
Pets can suffer car sickness just like you and will also need the toilet just as you down the road. It's vital you take breaks and don't put too much pressure on your pet.

The general rule is to park up and let your pet out of the car every two hours.

Plus, vehicles can get increasingly hot on the inside, and you must keep an eye on your animal's temperature. Dogs don't have sweat glands quite like ours, so they cannot cool down on their own as effectively. You can crack the window slightly or turn on the air conditioning.

It's also important that you don't allow your pet to put their heads outside the window. Stones and debris can kick up off the road and seriously hurt your animal.

On The Move
With the correct measures and preparation, traveling with animals is made simple. Be patient with your animals, and they'll love the journey in no time.

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