Anna Luebke - Mar 6, 2007
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Nowadays more and more business travelers as well as leisure travelers take their pets with them on trips. This brings various problems. For example, almost every airline in the USA has its own rules concerning the transportation of pets. Some airlines allow small pets in cages that can fit under seat while others airlines do not allow animals in the cabin. Bigger animals must be transported in the cargo area. This could be frightening and dangerous for the pets, nevertheless the American Veterinary Medical Association does not recommend sedating them as the results are often unpredictable, even fatal.


Although the rules vary between airlines, there are some general guidelines accepted by most companies, such as


-Most airlines require pets to be considered healthy and often require a health certificate from a vet.


-The animal should weigh less than 100 pounds and should be at least eight weeks old.


-Pets have to be transported in their containers and are not allowed out of them.


-The airlines take no responsibility for their health and well-being.


-Snakes are not usually allowed onboard a plane.


Very few ships allow pets to accompany travelers, but traveling by other means of transport is not so complicated. As for traveling by car, there are special harnesses that can be bought to secure or "seatbelt" your dog in safely. Traveling by car continues to be one of easiest ways to transport an animal.


Going by train with a pet could be difficult in the USA, although there are a few small railroad companies that allow pets on board. On the other hand, in many European countries it is possible to have your pet with you. With buses and other means of public transport the rules vary from state to state.


Last but not least of the questions concerning traveling is accommodation.  These days there are more pet-friendly hotels. In the 1980s, low-price-end highway motels promoted pet friendliness but now it is an important issue even for "posh" hotels.

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