Justin N. Froyd - Jun 26, 2017

Showing results that are more significant than the industry’s average, the LGBT tourism in Brazil presents itself as one of the sectors with the greatest development potential.

During the LGBT Tourism Forum, held by the Brazilian Association of LGBT Tourism (ABTLGBT) along with ViaG magazine, a research was presented, indicating that this sector is now growing 11% per year – the conventional sector for instance is currently registering a peak of 3.5%.

The study has outlined the profile of the LGBT tourist, who appears to be more demanding in relation to the quality of the purchased services. These passengers travel at least four times per year on average, and 45% of gay men and lesbians travel abroad every year – while the national average is 9%.

The research shows that LGBT tourists have spent 30% more than other travelers and that the LGBT audience is nowadays accountable for 10% of the world tourism. In relation to the type of travel, 15% have opted for cruise ships (compared to the national average of 2%), 87% rely on travel agencies to book their trips (compared to 42%), and 89% have higher education. 

The research on the LGBT tourism in Brazil stressed out the estimate that the global income of the LGBT audience is US$ 3 trillion, a figure higher than the GDP of nations like France, for instance. In addition to that, Brazil has been highlighted as the country in Latin America whose development potential, in terms of LGBT tourism, is the highest, with success stories such as the Gay Parade in São Paulo, which is capable of amassing a revenue of R$ 190 million, thus being the world’s biggest.

São Paulo LGBT

According to the organizers of the Pride Parade, three million people were attending. During the event, the hotel occupancy rate reached 90% in hotels scattered throughout the region of São Paulo and also in the city center, according to the Brazilian Association of the Hotel Industry of São Paulo (ABIH-SP). The estimated revenue amounted to R$ 2.4 million per day. At the end of 2016, the tourism ministry has launched a guideline of advice to properly serve the LGBT tourist. The guideline is available on paper and online, and provides information on legal matters, basic concepts and tips on how to ensure quality service for the Brazilian LGBT tourists.

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  1. Always good to see these numbers going up, the country is becoming more LGBT tolerant.

    Adam (Afghanistan)

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