Sara Thopson - Jul 24, 2017
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Brazil is known as a football nation, but not everyone is aware that, besides providing a location to watch their favorite teams playing, the stadiums scattered throughout Brazil can play the role of important travel attractions and boost Brazilian tourism.

Several multi-purpose venues include museums which tell the history of a sport that stirs up intense passion among Brazilians.

At the beginning of the year, the minister of Brazilian tourism, Marx Beltrão, visited the Santiago Bernabéu stadium in Madrid, Spain, the city’s attraction that amasses the highest revenue overall. In 2016, more than one million people visited one of the most illustrious football temples in the world and spent €16 million, an amount that surpassed the revenue of the Prado and the Queen Sofia Museums.

“As a football nation we can explore an enormous potential and the Ministry of Tourism has been keeping an eye on this tourist segment, in order to support the sector,” the minister said.

Santos (SP)

This port city, located 70 km from São Paulo, lodges Vila Belmiro Stadium, a venue that also includes the Memorial das Conquistas (Memorial of Achievements). This place assembles the trophies of the club, in addition to photographs of renowned athletes like the worldwide superstar Neymar.

Visitors also have the chance to enjoy an area fully dedicated to the King of Football, a title given to Pelé, who is regarded by Santos FC and the football world as a prominent idol.

São Paulo (SP)

Another gem in the crown of the Brazilian tourism is the Museum of Football in the capital of the state of São Paulo. The museum at the Pacaembu Stadium is one of the most popular attractions in the region. It allows visitors from all over the world to feel the emotions of a football match. The modern and interactive collection gathers objects and stories from the players, the club, and football itself, in 15 theme-oriented rooms.

Football in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

The headquarters of the Brazilian Confederation of Football, in Rio de Janeiro, shelters the Brazilian National Team Museum. It comprises videos, photos, trophies and historical objects that tell the story of the five-time world champion. Technological resources allow the visitor to interact with the tour itself and be familiar with the greatest achievements of Brazil in World Cup.

Also in Rio, the football cult has in Maracanã the number one temple of the faithful football fans. The Museum of Football, located inside the stadium, displays objects and exhibitions with panels and photographs about Brazilian football, their idols and major achievements. Tourists can also find details about the construction of the stadium and the major events held at Maracanã.

Belo Horizonte (MG)

The Brazilian Football Museum, at Mineirão Stadium, displays the most important figures and stories of the national and Mineiro football, with many images and technological resources, allowing the visitors to immerse themselves in the realm of the sport and the stadium. Mineirão is one of the attractions that are part of the leisure complex of Pampulha and is regarded as a brand new option in terms of culture and entertainment in Belo Horizonte.

In the same region, around Lake Pampulha, tourists have the chance to explore this landscape, recognized a year ago by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, which happens to be sprinkled with modern architecture pieces.

Brazilian tourism has a great potential when targeting the sport fans. The tourism minister now plans to promote extensively some of the most popular museums and stadiums internationally.

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