Andrea Hausold - Jan 18, 2010
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A visit to Iceland gives you more choices for your vacation. In a single day you can walk on a glacier, watch graceful whales, read the ancient Sagas and indulge in award-winning cuisine.

Iceland has unforgettable nature which begins at the doorstep of its clean and friendly cities and ends miles from human settlements. You can spend your time indoors in many museums and galleries, shopping for the latest designer fashions, or in a coffee house enjoying a frothy cappuccino. Or you can be outdoors on hikes, at festivals and parades or relaxing in the country’s famous outdoor thermal swimming pools.

Iceland called also the country of ice and fire for centuries attracted visitors with its mysticism and various legends. Today due to global and especially Icelandic financial crises the country with its favorable prices lures many different types of tourists. Only 15 years ago, tourism industry seemed not very profitable to the local service providers. Today however thanks to quality promotion and low prices Iceland is a popular destination.

The country does not offer only geysers, waterfalls, rivers and 5,000 years old lava rocks. There is much more and the number of various specialized tours is increasing every year. However, the growing numbers of tourists represent a challenging problem for the industry. The island does not have enough accommodation facilities in several regions for mass tourism. However the experts suggest that fewer hotels make Iceland only more popular among adventurous tourists.

Reykjavik, the capital, is not the only place well developed with respect to tourism.  In the countryside numerous operators offer unique tours including not only fishing and rafting. Local people offer guiding services taking visitors to the hills and mountains, glaciers and to places related to Icelandic sagas and Nordic mythology.  

By Andres Zoran Ivanovič



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  1. Lots of acctivities there

    Yes, the GBP is really strong now in Iceland so mw and my wife are seriously thinking of going this summer. It's pretty cool to fly for only 2-3 hours and go climbing on glaciers, it’s wild. Also if you are staying in the capital area it's possible to take a cruise from the old harbor to see whales. I heard in the news sometime ago that they have one of the biggest whale watching boats in Europe, or something like that. That could be interesting. We are going to climb some glaciers, check out hot springs and take this cruise in Reykjavik. I'll let you know how it was. Hope you'll join us:)

    (United Kingdom)
  2. it is

    Correct. You looks are interesting a lot about Iceland as your informations are very correct. Hope You will enjoy in wild nature out to see in neighbourhoods of whales or while climibing glacieres.
    Hope ILet me know if I can assist you something.



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