William Law - Dec 13, 2010

Grimsey, a small island 40 kilometers north off the coast of Iceland, attracts tourists mainly because it lies in the Artic Circle. Another interesting fact about the island is that it is a home to various kinds of birds, which makes it an ideal place for bird watching.


If one travels to Iceland and also wants set foot in the Arctic Circle then they must visit the island of Grimsey, which lies approximately 40 kilometers off the mainland Iceland. The Arctic Circle actually goes through the airstrip there. Only eighty five people live on this five-square-kilometer island and the only village, Sandvik, is on the south west coast. The only road on the island connects the lighthouse, the village and the airport.

According to, a boat trip to the island takes three hours and visitors have only four hours to spend on the island before the ferry leaves again. Those who want to explore it more thoroughly can stay in one of the two guest houses. The airport is a five-minute walk from the port. Small planes fly from Grimsey to the second biggest airport in Iceland, Akureyri. The flight takes only 25 minutes. Observatory flights are more often during summer. Some tour operators offer one day trips to the island.

Most tourists arrive there just to set foot in the Arctic Circle. Visitors can even get a certificate that confirms they really were in the Arctic Circle. Nevertheless, one will not meet crowds of tourists there. Still, the island offers beautiful views and if tourists stay longer they will be able to bring back wonderful pictures. Also, despite the fact that the island is treeless it is a home to some 60 different kinds of birds, one of them being auks. Bird watching is therefore another option for visitors staying on Grimsey.

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