Justin N. Froyd - Oct 24, 2023
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In 2023, Italy expects eleven million visitors and seventy million overnight stays for its open-air season. This announcement was made recently in ITHIC. It highlights the growing popularity of open-air accommodation facilities, which have now become the second most preferred choice for tourists after hotels in Italy. This trend is also evident in beach and lake tourism, where open-air accommodations are now the most favored option in Italy and among the top choices in Europe.

According to Alberto Granzotto, the president of Faita-FederCamping, open-air tourism is gaining recognition as a distinct vacation philosophy rather than a minor form of tourism. The pillars of this activity are accessibility, sustainability, quality, and innovation. The goal is to make investments combining pragmatism and imagination to become more competitive in the market.

Data analysis by CISET - International Center for Studies on Tourism Economics shows that the growth trend that began in 2022 continued through September. Compared to June's forecasts, the overall growth for the sector is +4.7% for arrivals and 7% for overnight stays. This represents an increase of 500 thousand guests and about 4,550,000 overnight stays (in 2022, a record year for the sector, 10.5 million arrivals and 65 million overnight stays were recorded). The attendance of guests equipped with campers and caravans has also increased sharply by 10% from 2022.

Faita has recorded marked growth in Italy's Northeast and Northwest regions. There has been a 4% increase in arrivals and overnight stays. The Center of the Peninsula is also showing improvement, while the South and islands are now stable after an uncertain start, thanks to the extension of the summer season. Foreign tourists comprise 55% of Italian campsite guests, while domestic guests account for 45%. This is due to a marked return of foreign guests.

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