Ashley Nault - Sep 23, 2021
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Do you want to promote your tourism business on Instagram stories? With more than 500 million people watching them daily, this might be a great solution for a tourism brand. Instagram has shaped the tourism business, especially within the past couple of years. The growing demand for quality content on the part of the viewers stimulates tourism brands for creativity. However, the ideas of a limited circle of your Instagram stories content developers are not endless. This post aims to help you find new ideas for your brand promotion in stories to attract new leads and turn them into real customers.

Why Posting Photo and Video on Instagram Stories Is a Must for Tourism Brand?

A lot of brands struggling to attract leads on Instagram don’t post any stories, which is one of the key mistakes they are making. So why is it crucial to use all the capabilities Instagram provides you with, stories in particular?

  • The chances your customer will watch a story are much higher compared to the post. The truth is that many people ignore the news feed, preferring to stick up to the stories. By posting content on Instagram stories, you increase your brand’s chances of being noticed.
  • It’s easier to reach the leads. One of the key benefits of stories is that they are placed above the Instagram news feed. Therefore, it’s easier for the brand to reach its customers.
  • Stories help to build up trust between the brand and the customers. Wishing not to “spoil” your Instagram news feed with behind-the-scenes photos, you can post them on stories. By showing the customers your brand’s casual life, you make them closer, increasing the trustworthiness of your company.
  • Instagram stories can be viewed for 24 hours only. This stimulates people not to miss the content they might be interested in.
  • The opportunity of saving your Instagram stories in the highlights is another reason why you should use this channel to reach out to your clients. Instagram stories highlights allow saving some basic information about booking a trip, along with the most stunning views people can visit using your brand services.

Ideas on How to Make Your Instagram Stories More Effective

Stories are sometimes treated as random and spontaneous content. However, this might be applicable only in the cases when it doesn’t go about a company or brand. Leave such an approach to some average bloggers. When aiming for brand development, your Instagram stories should be well thought over and polished. It will be best if you develop a general strategy you’ll use in stories.

Structure Your Brand Stories

Instagram stories are very short. But you should treat these 15 seconds as parts of a movie. Start with an introduction, like saying hello to your customers (if you are planning to show Behind-the-scenes stories) or ask them questions about the destination they’d like to visit and arranging a poll with one of the variants being the location you are going to speak about throughout the day. One of the popular ways to engage your audience throughout the day is to add some intrigue to your first story so that they will die of curiosity about what denouement is waiting ahead.

The continuation of your stories should reveal the topic of the day little by little to hold the viewers’ engagement throughout the day. Finish by telling about the final details of the daily topic and giving a hint on what you are going to tell the following day.

Make Use of User Generated Content

One of the best ways to advertise your brand on Instagram stories is to share your clients’ travel experiences. Use photos and videos where you’ve been tagged to add them to your stories. Sometimes such content requires a little editing, but the time spent on such details is definitely worth it. It’s a good idea to save such stories to the highlights so that new subscribers can learn your brand better.

In case you haven’t been tagged in a photo but want to use it on your Instagram feed or in stories, make sure you get permission for that.

Interact with Your Subscribers

Practice shows that one of the best ideas for brand stories is to engage your audience in all sorts of quizzes and polls. People like answering questions if there are answers they can choose from or if the answer is “Yes” or “No.” Depending on whether you work with the local tourists or organize trips abroad, you can either ask people about your local traditions or the same thing, but in some other country. The options are endless. Instagram users love interacting with people and brands they follow, so you should give them such an opportunity.

Edit Content for Your Instagram Stories

Nature landscapes and architecture are usually breathtaking for any travel addict. However, when publishing raw footage or photos of such locations on your Instagram stories, it might be difficult to convey the atmosphere of the place without doing some photo or video editing.

Instagram offers a set of filters you can use for your stories, yet their possibilities are quite limited. To make your Instagram story video look WOW, use some video editing tools outside this social media. You can choose Shotcut, InVideo, or another free video editor to add some visual effects and filters.

Video editor download is available on the official website.

If you want to try some more advanced video software, you might want to consider buying one of Lightworks products or those by FXhome.

Use Stories for Effective Within-Industry Collaborations

The tourism sphere is tightly interconnected with many other businesses. You can collaborate with your brand partner hotel, airline, or restaurant and tag them in your stories so that they will pay you back with the same. By doing this, you can expand the audience of your potential customers, make your brand recognizable, and become associated with lots of other tourist places.

You can also use the Support Small Business sticker to tag small touristic businesses in different touristic locations.

Final Word

Instagram is one of the best platforms for tourism brand promotion. Apart from posting on your brand news feed, you should also take advantage of Instagram stories, which offer lots of opportunities for touristic companies and their followers. Use any possibility to reach out to your audience. Post stories daily to become a part of your followers’ daily life. Help them associate tourism with your brand. And believe it or not, but when the time for their vacation comes, they will choose your company to travel with.

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