Pat Hyland - Oct 7, 2019
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Did you know that 48% of Instagram users use this social network to discover and choose the destinations they will visit during their trips? The figure has been growing over the years, making it an essential tool when planning holidays. Instagram impacts the tourism business more and more.

The reason is obvious: Instagram has become part of our everyday lives, but among our contacts, we find family, friends, colleagues… people who we trust in their tastes and recommendations. However, we not only take into account the trustworthy people when making travel plans, a classic Instagram strategy is to follow people who have similar tastes, lifestyles, and motivations, and whose escapades also serve as inspiration for trips.

After all, this social network has, on average, 400 million active users. It is not surprising that many Instagram users have ended up becoming brand ambassadors for their own countries, and even many travel-related brands.

Many hotels, travel agencies, tour operators, and airlines have seen Instagram as a way to reach new customers and markets. It is undeniable that social media are decisive to significantly increase the volume of business for any entrepreneur in the travel and hospitality industry.

This is because, with the right actions, Instagram helps to expand the presence of the business, presenting and promoting a tourism product or service through a channel with a wide, varied and recurring audience.

It is also an ideal way to build a good reputation for the tourism business. It allows you to do brand actions, link with profiles to improve recognition and attributes, and take a stand on issues such as sustainable tourism, training, or cultural heritage, which are essential to build a better online and offline reputation.

In the same way, this social network allows you to study market and customer demand on the digital level – although some data can also be applied outside the online world. Unlike other channels, on Instagram, we can find out exactly what our target audience is like, what their preferred content or products are, and their consumption habits. All in all, this is a great advantage when it comes to managing offers, creating and introducing new products, or setting up a sales strategy.

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