Alec Hills - Jun 16, 2023
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According to official figures, 483,000 foreign tourists arrived in the country during May, 4% above the pre-pandemic level. The important source markets for Argentina remain USA and Canada.

May is the second consecutive month when foreign tourist arrivals exceeded the pre-pandemic records. In April, Argentina had, for the first time, exceeded the figures for the same month of 2019 by 5%, becoming one of the few countries in the region to achieve this.

Tourist arrivals from Chile, Uruguay, the United States, Canada, and Mexico have surpassed their pre-pandemic levels, indicating a significant increase in inbound tourism. The winter holidays are expected further to boost tourism from neighboring countries and the markets above. Here are the inbound tourism figures: Chile: 21.8%, Uruguay: 16.8%, Brazil: 15.4%, United States: 10%, Paraguay: 7.3%, Bolivia: 3.5%, Spain: 3%, France: 2.1%, Peru: 2.1%, Germany: 1.8%, United Kingdom: 1.8%, Colombia: 1.8%, Italy: 1.6%, Canada: 1.5%, and Mexico: 1.3%.

During the first part of the year, the distribution of tourist arrivals was as follows: 49% arrived by land, 35% by air, and 16% by river or sea.

The ease of exchange, the constant promotion of the destination, and the programs for digital nomads are some points in favor of these growth figures.

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