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Innovation has always been the watchword of the travel and hospitality industry, which is a sector in constant evolution. Today, digitalization is at the center of all tourism accommodation professionals' thoughts, as a logical continuation of the evolution of products and services. However, this is not the only issue, with other hotel trends emerging that will play a major role in 2022.

Less Contact and Interaction

As crazy as it may sound in an industry like tourism, human interaction is becoming increasingly rare. Of course, this is due to the global health crisis, which has completely changed the habits of hoteliers.

Limiting interactions between travelers and lodging professionals was initially done to avoid the risk of contagion, but this practice has now become completely normal. In this sense, several protocols can be put in place to satisfy the visitors' requests.

  • Payment automation: With many available tools, it is possible to make all payments simple, automatic and secure, to reduce interaction.
  • Remote check-in: Visitors are less and less inclined to check-in at the reception. It can be done easily via phone or touchscreens today.

The Rise of New Technologies

New technologies in the hotel industry allow travelers to break their daily routines and have completely new experiences. They can also make guests' lives much easier during their stays, to improve their customer experience.

  • Virtual reality and augmented reality: With this technology, it is possible for travelers to view the hotel's facilities on the website. This kind of video offers a 360° view of the establishments, allowing Internet users to virtually immerse themselves inside the building. Augmented reality is also becoming an innovative tool and one of the popular hotel trends, as it allows to view the tourist attractions around the hotel.
  • Facial recognition: With facial or fingerprint recognition technology, you can say goodbye to room entry cards. Guests will thank you because it eliminates the risk of losing keys. Just look into the camera... and it's done! It's the easiest way to get into a room.
  • Blockchain solutions: The new blockchain technology is being used more and more, and the hotel industry is no exception. This technology allows for secure banking transactions or sharing of customer data. For hoteliers, it is possible to manage inventory, track luggage, manage customer identities, promote loyalty programs, without worrying about any possible security issue. Blockchain can bring another growing technology, crypto-currency, which is used by the millennials in particular.

Sustainable and Eco-responsible Development

The hotel industry is one of the most energy-intensive sectors in tourism. For this reason, the ecological sensitivity of travelers has greatly increased in recent years. So much so that most travelers now believe that actions must be taken to offer more sustainable tourism solutions.

In this sense, there are many measures that can be implemented in all tourist accommodations, regardless of size, type, or location. This can be done by implementing ecological practices through logistics, service, or maintenance of the establishment.

  • Recycling: The installation of a waste recycling system has become a must.
  • Local ingredients: Your restaurant can offer menus that promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables, made from products from the same area.
  • Ecological products: All your cleaning and maintenance products can be entirely ecological.
  • No plastic: Plastic items can easily be replaced by glass containers or bulk dispensers (for toiletries).
  • Eco-friendly lighting: Reduce your carbon footprint by installing eco-friendly fluorescent lights to reduce your electricity consumption.
  • Reducing water consumption: Water saving devices can be installed on taps.
  • Green transportation: Try to offer travelers the option of coming to your place by public transportation if possible.

Making the Property Instagrammable

Instagram has now become a true travel companion with which travelers share their experiences and thus it is also one of the latest hotel trends. It is no surprise to see that the most shared content on the platform is content related to tourism and travel.

As the popularity of Instagram continues to grow, hotels increasingly need to have interiors that are worthy of photo art. You have to realize the impact that social networks like Instagram can have on travelers, so you need to place more and more importance on decorating your establishment to make it more photogenic.

Here are some ideas that work very well with Generation Y:

  • Have famous and inspirational quotes written on the walls
  • Install neon lights and flashy lighting
  • Arrange the floor with mosaics or checkerboards
  • Paint a wall with a bright, solid color
  • Place selfie frames

Offering a Fully Personalized Service to Visitors

The quest to personalize the guest experience is a hot topic in the hospitality industry. All travelers love to feel special during their stay, with hoteliers taking personal care of them. Personalization is now much more than a trend, as it has become an expectation of visitors. And it's not complicated or expensive to implement. Here are a few ideas to offer a more personalized service.

  • Pre-arrival emails: This is the perfect opportunity to start personalizing the customer experience through surveys designed to learn more about customer needs and preferences.
  • The little things: Small, relevant packages to offer guests add value to their stay and enhance their experience. Offer things that appeal to your property's guests.
  • Call the guest by name: Using the guest's name is the easiest and one of the most effective ways to personalize the guest experience. It shows your guests that they are important to you and your team.
  • Handwritten messages: A small handwritten note waiting for the guest in their room upon arrival is a personal touch that can make a big impression. A simple word of welcome is an authentic gesture that is always appreciated.

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