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Among Spanish, English, and French speakers, Spanish speakers are by far the most motivated in terms of getting more holidays in 2016. Indeed, 65% of Spanish speakers would like more holidays whereas only 52% of English speakers and 39% of French speakers have voiced the same desire, according to the results of a recent survey.

U2Guide, a collaborative and supportive travel platform, interviewed 1,125 holidaymakers throughout the world to understand their travel expectations and goals for 2016.

Their findings show that 50% of Hispanics say they’ll increase their budget, while only 39% of Anglophones and 21% of Francophones say the same. In terms of choosing a travel destination, all three communities are clearly looking for some form of complete escape or change of scenery. In the top spot, about 65% of Francophones want to get as far away as they can. This desire to explore areas that are wildly different from home is still prevalent, though on a smaller scale, with English and Spanish speakers at 50%.

Concerning the length of holidays, Spanish holidaymakers seem less greedy, as 28% choose to take only one or two weeks a year in contrast to 28% of Anglophones who prefer two to three weeks. French speakers are at the top with 35% taking four to five weeks off and a lucky 25% even more than that.

Answering the question "What kind of trips do you prefer?” all three groups clearly prefer "to plan their own adventure on the spur of the moment." However, English speakers are more adventurous, with 66% agreement compared to the 63% of Spanish and 56% of French speakers that would travel without first organizing their trip.

In terms of the evolution of travel and when asked whether it’s important that tourism directly assists the local population, 99% of French and Spanish speakers answered in the affirmative as well as 95% of Anglophones.  In light of this, 87% of French holidaymakers, 76% of Spanish speakers and 71% of English speakers said that they would specifically choose a trip because of its positive impact on the local communities involved.

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