Andrew J. Wein - Apr 22, 2023
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This year started with high expectations for the tourism sector in Greece. Official data shows that Greek tourism possibly hits a new record this year, with performances higher than in 2019, when 18.2 billion euros were earned.

The optimism comes largely from the pre-booking data for the summer season for all major source markets (Germany, UK, France, USA), the opening of the very important markets of China and Australia (after three years of absence due to the coronavirus pandemic). All pre-booking and booking data, as well as passenger traffic for the first quarter, show that this year's tourist season will be better than last year.

Data from the National Aviation Coordination Organization also shows that air arrivals are expected to increase by 8.8% and 16.1% compared to 2022 and 2019, respectively. Passenger seats will increase by 18% compared to 2022 and 31% compared to 2019.

Cruise tourism is also expected to go very well this year, and based on planning approaches, a new record is expected, with a 15% increase in passenger numbers compared to 2022.

Occupancy and traffic to increase by 20%

Overall, forecasts indicate that occupancy and traffic will be 20% up this year compared to last year. Hoteliers also see this season as sustainable and extending into winter, with hotels open.

It is clear from the booking data that Greece will receive a good jump from 2022, barring unforeseen circumstances. Experts are optimistic that this year country will reach at least the income of 2019, which was the best year of Greek tourism.

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