Gary Diskin - Oct 19, 2021
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Warm weather, entrancing culture and heavenly landscapes… Sounds good for a holiday, right? If you are still in doubt about deciding on a final destination for your journey, look no more! Spread across the southern tip of the Balkans awaits beautiful Greece. Its rich history and magnificent scenery attract around 30 million tourists each year and with a little bit of planning, you can soon be one of them. What in particular is so fascinating about it? Just look through these interesting facts about Greece.

98% of The Total Population Are Ethnic Greeks

Impressively, Greece is one of the only countries in the world with such a high percentage of its residents which are Greek by many generations and its people take great pride in it. There are a few minor ethnic groups such as Romani, Turks, Albanians and others, but it is truly amazing how throughout the years of numerous events in history, the numbers are so high.

The Island of Ikaria Is Where People Live the Longest

Residents of the island of Ikaria are known to have the longest lifespans and nobody knows the true reason. The locals say that it is because of the calm lifestyle of gardening and relaxing in general that they tend to live about 10 years longer than, for example, an average American. Some suggest that the reason is the Mediterranean diet and eating habits. Whatever it is, living there sounds magical!

Greek Is The Oldest Language in The World That Is Still Used

The Greek language is an independent branch of the Indo-European family of languages and it is native to Greece, Cyprus, Albania and other parts of the Balkans and Eastern Mediterranean. Its written records stretch back to approximately 3.500 years back and its alphabet has been used for approximately 3.000 years. As one of the basis of the country’s identity, it is truly peculiar how it has not changed through the centuries.

Greece Inspired The Olympics

Historians believe that the first-ever Olympics happened in 776 BC and that it was done in order to celebrate Zeus, the King of Gods in Greek Mythology. It is said that they used to compete in things like chariot races and wrestling. The Greeks also hosted the Olympics in 1896 and again in 2004.

80% of The Country Is Mountainous

Yes yes, when thinking of Greece, most of the time you probably imagine small, white buildings and baby-blue waters. However, Greece is one of the most mountainous countries in the world and there are a total of 4.144 named summits, some of which you can visit. The highest one is Mytikas on Mount Olympus at 2.918 meters. If you wish to take a hike through the mountains, check out Greece tours for easier planning.

Every Part of Greece Is Very Close to Water

With the Mediterranean Sea on the south, Aegean Sea on the east and Ionian Sea on the west, Greece is proud to have an impressive coastline of 16.000 kilometers, which makes it the 10th longest coastline in the world. No part of Greece is more than 137 kilometers away from the ocean, so rest assured - any holiday destination that you choose to relax in while visiting this marine country will have a coast nearby, warm and welcoming for your rest.

After reading these facts you are probably halfway to booking the tickets and preparing an itinerary. We can assure you, it will not disappoint and every traveler will find something appealing. There is no other place on Earth, such enthralling with its landscapes, people and culture. Get ready to have a good time!

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