Sara Thopson - Apr 27, 2020
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As the summer approaches, Greek authorities are considering introducing a new measure in the form of a ‘Health Passport’. Before entering the country, all visitors will be asked to prove that they are free from the COVID-19 virus.

Greece has been hit by the current travel restrictions particularly hard. A recent study by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels revealed that 65% of Greek hoteliers believed that bankruptcy of their business was either "likely" or "most likely."

According to the Minister of Tourism Harry Theocharis, Greece will only open up for a three-month tourism season from July through September, with the possibility of an increase in tourists in the shoulder season months of October and November if positive developments occur.

As the country mulls on the health passport, they are also faced with the challenge of determining who will be allowed to enter Greece for tourism, and what channels these tourists will come through.

Mr. Theocharis said a discussion was still ongoing between the European Union to determine how its citizens will be allowed to take vacations this year.

As Brussels aims to provide credible testing for everyone who wants to go on summer vacation anywhere in Europe, tests will have to be conducted by the EU state where the traveler originates from before they board the flight or any other mode of transportation they might use.

While the EU is still trying to put plans, principles, and practices together, it is still uncertain as to whether non-EU countries and states will be allowed to enter Greece this summer.

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