Bill Alen - Jul 6, 2020
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Greece had 35.3 million international arrivals in 2019 and expected to welcome 37.1 million in 2020 before COVID-19. However, the impact of the pandemic has reduced this projection to 24.3 million, according to the latest figures by a research company GlobalData. German tourists are one of the source markets with the biggest potential to boost the industry in Greece.

The lifting of travel restrictions by the German government increased the reservations in Greece for the summer season. The stakes are vital for the recovery of most of the economy.

This increase is essential, according to Amber Barnes, a travel and tourism analyst at GlobalData.

It is very important for Greece to attract German tourists, as this sector is a key pillar of the country's economy.

Germany is crucial for Greek tourism, not only because it sent 4 million tourists last year, but also because other important markets for Greece still have travel restrictions in place.

In GlobalData's recent Germany Consumer Survey, 59% of respondents indicated that they were extremely or somewhat concerned about the pandemic.

Although mitigation measures have been eased and the tourism industry is showing signs of recovery, people's doubts about travel are still evident.

73% of respondents said that the quality of a product/service had an impact on their health and well-being. This provides an opportunity for Greek tourism companies to promote health and wellness related activities, such as spas, thus contributing to the country's recovery and improving the image of the destination.

Although no Greek hotel will probably reach full occupancy of the rooms this summer, this means no less work for the businesses: the constant cleaning and disinfection of the areas and the processes during meal times require more staff. Since not all rooms are allowed to be offered, some establishments will probably remain closed this summer. Due to the additional effort, the associated costs, and the lower occupancy, it is not worthwhile for many hotels to open this summer.

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