Denise Chen - Oct 24, 2011
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Deutsche Bahn, the German national railway company, supports local winemakers by offering only German wines to the passengers.

The popularity of German wine rises not only in Germany but also abroad. Deutsche Bahn, (DB), the national railway company therefore decided to offer only quality German wines on board all long distance trains.

The new restaurant wine list of the DB launched in July was created to cover as large variety of German wines as possible. Today the passengers can look forward to three white wines, three red wines and two varieties of sparkling wine currently available in every DB train restaurant, reported

The selection of wines covers a wide range of brands from various German wine regions. Among the brands and regions represented on the new wine list are Rheingauer, winery Barth, (Riesling wine), August Kesseler (Pinot noir) as well as Fritz Allendorf (Riesling- sparkling wine).

Winery Brogsitter (Rheinhessen), well known for its 400 year old tradition, provides the train restaurants with Pinot Gris. Passengers preferring organic products can enjoy Dornfelder, produced by the organic winery Lorenz. A young winemaker, Matthias Keth, a member of the young winemakers association "Message in a Bottle", supplies White Burgundy. The Palatine Four Seasons Wine Cooperative, that, according to the German Agricultural Society (DLG), is number two among top 100 wineries, delivers Portuguese Wine. The Rotkäppchen-Sekt produced by Keltereien Rotkäppchen-Mumm completes the wine list.

The wine sales on boards of the DB long distance trains have in the recent years been steadily increasing. There were 600,000 bottles of red and white wines and 150,000 bottles of sparkling wine sold on boards of ICE and IC trains last year.

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