Daniel A. Tanner - Sep 5, 2011
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Recent study showed that German travelers behave environmentally friendly when on vacation or a business trip.

According to a recent study published by HRS hotel portal German travelers are well aware of the need of environmental protection when on vacation or a business trip.

The study showed for example that about two thirds of the surveyed respondents use hotel towels more than once instead of putting them to laundry immediately after one use. Nearly 70% of all respondents turn off electronic devices when leaving their hotel room to save the power. Similarly, German travelers behave responsibly with respect to the use of air conditioning and water consumption, according to the study quoted by

More than a half of all respondents stated that they try to behave ecologically. On the other hand, only 16 % want to enjoy the hotel stay in full comfort, not having to think of the need to save the resources.

Men as well as women travelers proclaimed similar attitudes in the study. Only considering the water consumption there were slight differences when 59% of women care about water consumption during their hotel stay, which is 5% more in comparison to the male respondents.

Moreover, business travelers seem to be environmentally more conscious than vacationers. Nearly 80% of all business travelers said they use the hotel towel more than once. In comparison to vacationers it is 14% more. There is also a significant difference regarding the air conditioning. The leisure travelers often leave their room with the air conditioning turned on. Business travelers show greater responsibility. There is also a big difference in the use of electronic devices. 77% of business travelers care to turn the electronics off when leaving the hotel room, whereas 68% of leisure tourists do the same.

Another variable affecting the results was the age of the respondents when German travelers between 30-49 years behave the most ecologically, stated the study.

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