Joe McClain - Aug 10, 2023
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The German conference industry is experiencing some noticeable trends according to the "TOP 250 Germany - The best conference hotels in Germany" trend report for mid-2023. Although there is a growing number of conferences, they are becoming more minor and more frequently booked on a short-term basis. Additionally, "room" bookings are made separately more often. However, the individually managed hotels in the TOP 250 can stay ahead of industry movements and prepare for the future.

A significant trend in conferences and seminars is the move towards smaller and more personalized formats. Companies want closer connections with their employees, driving this trend. As a result, hybrid elements are becoming less popular and are mainly used for individual lectures or presentations by external speakers lasting between 30 and 120 minutes. This shift towards more intense and personalized learning experiences also leads to a decline in purely meeting-based formats, with an increasing focus on video conferences.

According to experts of TOP 250, conference hotels in Germany have a bright future as they provide a space for people to meet in person, work together, and enjoy each other's company after the event. This makes them a strong competitor against other meeting locations and co-working spaces. Experts believe that the increased number of home office workers has led to a rise in hotel conference bookings, as companies are concerned about their employees' decreasing loyalty. By holding regular "offsites" in conference hotels, employees can bond and strengthen their loyalty to their company. However, many German hotels struggle to provide the same capacity as before due to staffing issues caused by the pandemic. As a result, conference planners can now select conference rooms individually to fit their specific needs instead of being included in a flat rate.

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