Andrew J. Wein - Mar 8, 2010
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The coast of Black Sea and Azov Sea in Crimea is to become dangerous for tourists and local residents because of surfacing WWII mines.  The Crimean coast of the Black Sea and Azov Sea is becoming a dangerous area for tourists because of the threat of explosions. According to the conclusions of Environmental Enterprise LLC "Sitall", the organization responsible for cleaning of the sea, the bottom of the Black and Azov Seas is dotted with hundreds of WWII mines, bombs and shells. This year the period over which the integrity of the containers holding the mines was guaranteed expires and they might soon get to the coastal zone.According to such an incident already occurred last year, when about five thousand tourists and local residents had to leave Feodosiya when a German mine weighing about a ton surfaced not far from a city pier. A similar case also occurred last year in Sevastopol where a mine from the Second World War appeared in the water only 50 meters from an arriving American cruise ship.The experts of Sitall are afraid that soon these cases will not be isolated and the mines will begin to appear en masse around other resorts, as hundreds of unsafe armaments lie on the sea bed of almost all coastal cities of Crimea. Moreover, in 2010 the warranty period of the integrity of containers with toxic substances expires. According to the estimates, there is currently up to 1200 tons of toxic substances along the entire coast of Crimea. According to Gennadiy Rubtsov, CEO of Sitall, there are various methods of neutralizing the toxic substances. One of them is to move them into modern lightweight containers with a guarantee of integrity for 700 years. Another option is to use special generators, through which the combat poisons can be neutralized at the molecular level. Currently, Sitall is discussing all possibilities with the Ukrainian Ministry of Environmental Protection. Related:BACK TO SOVIET TIMES IN CRIMEAN RESORTS Crimea Bade Adieu to USSR  

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  1. This news sounds like from some action movie. Are you serious? Mines surfacing in the sea? I guess the local authorities better do something about it.

  2. The whole life in Ukraine is like an action movie!


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