Anna Luebke - Dec 19, 2011
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Improving the level of offered services to tourists as well as creating new jobs – these are the aims behind a colossal project of a new city in Crimea. Ukrainian government plans to develop the region and attract more visitors.

A new ‘tourist city’ is to be built in Crimea, one of the most popular parts of Ukraine among holidaymakers. The aim is not only to attract tourists but also to provide jobs for the locals.

According to Borys Kolesnikov, the Deputy Prime Minister, the development of the new resort near the city of Yevpatoria (Eupatoria) is part of a national plan to transform the Crimean peninsula in an attractive tourist destination.

Currently, the tourism infrastructure of the region and the quality of services barely meet the existing potential. Therefore, the Ukrainian government decided to invest in Crimea and to attract more foreign investors.

Thanks to the Black Sea and pleasant weather conditions Crimea’s beaches attract millions of tourists every year. According to the authorities the peninsula is thus the best place for developing a new tourist city.

“The city will be built basically from scratch,” said Kolesnikov. “The project includes thousands of new hotel rooms as well as two new airports in the central and southern part of the Crimea peninsula,” he added, quoted by

This type of huge development projects has become increasingly popular around the world. In Saudi Arabia, for example, six tourist cities were already built. The aim of the projects is to create a million of new jobs and to provide a living place for 4-5 million local citizens. As a result of the development, Saudi Arabia is expected to add USD 150 billion to its GDP by 2020.

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