Chris Grad - Mar 20, 2012
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Enjoy your Italian holiday in a special way – hire a car and visit places you really want to see. Hiring a car for your travel in Italy has many advantages over package holidays offered by tour operators.

Car hire will be a convenient way for your touring, because unlike packaged tours, you will be at liberty to adjust your schedule. If you fall in love with a given destination, being on your own will give you freedom to spend as much time as you wish and enjoy yourself.

Another advantage is that you can plan your schedule and stick to it. There will be no worries of fellow travelers coming late and disrupting your departure time as it might happen in the case of packaged tours. Cheap car hire Italy will be the best option because it enables you to take care of any of your special travel requirements, for instance if you are always on special diet, it will be easy to take care of the same.

The disadvantage of travelling through your hired car is that it can be expensive. You will not be in a position to enjoy package deals and you will have to shoulder any additional costs by yourself.

Traveling by car however, provides numerous opportunities of visiting places that might be difficult to reach otherwise. The Amalfi Coast for instance is a must see destination. Any individual who has ever set foot to the Amafi Coast during any of their Italy holidays knows that Amalfi is a rich tourist destination.

It has a history that could be traced back to 596 AD where Egyptians and Arabs traded. You will see the Amalfi Cathedral which is a wonder in architecture and several other museums around the area.

Vatican City is also a renowned destination easily reachable by car. There is a lot more about it than just the churches. Among the interesting attractions are the Vatican Museums, Vatican Gardens, The Vatican Library, St. Peter's Basilica among others.

Your holiday in Italy will not be complete without visiting San Gimignano. It is a village 334 m high, rising on a hill. It dates back to the 10th century and it took its name from St Gigimano, Modena's Holy Bishop who is said to have saved it from the barbarian hordes. Here, you will see, The Torture Museum, Museum of Sacred Art, Palazo Communale, La Rocca among others.

The South of Italy is cheaper than the North in relation to travel costs. Northern travel hotspots like Milan, Florence and Venice can be astronomical in relation to hotel and other accommodation facilities prices. Italy is fairly expensive in terms of hotel prices, with one star hotels likely to cost at least 30 Euros a night.

There are several driving guidelines you should follow if you want manage the Italian roads. Police in the country are allowed to collect traffic fines on the spot. It is good to know that there are strict drunk driving laws. All occupants of any vehicle have to fasten their seat belts always. Gas stations close down between 12.30 and 3.00 p.m. daily and the traffic lights are turned off after midnight.

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