Sara Thopson - Feb 6, 2012
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The town of Gangi in Sicily attracts travelers with a number of architecturally precious buildings as well as delicious cuisine.

Tourists are always on the lookout for places which are interesting, fun and different. Gangi, situated in the Province of Palermo in Sicily, Italy is one such charming destination. Wrapped in a rustic countryside, Gangi is the place to unwind and rejuvenate from the taxing routine of life.

Extending over Madonie Mountains, Gangi is a remote hill town tucked away in Sicily, away from the metropolitan noise and professional obligations. The town with its small alleyways bordered with picture postcard cute stone houses exhibits an old world charm which is hard to resist. One can feel ancient Roman influence too which adds character to the entire setup.

Gangi is dotted with a number of tourist attractions and local landmarks which have endured the ravages of time. They stand proud and beautiful, speaking volumes about life in Gangi. One such attraction is the Castle sitting on the highest point of Mount Marone. It is suggested that this was the seat of the country lords somewhere around the fourteenth century.

Town square is the focal point of the Gangi town and has Ventimiglia tower as its highlight. This watch-tower from the 13th century is built in a Gothic-Norman architectural style and has artistic features like ogival arcades shaped as porticos and trefoil windows on the second storey. A classic Lion Tower dated from 1951 located inside a cave in one corner is also a favorite part of the town square. The place reflects a bygone era mediaeval atmosphere.

Gangi has a 17th-century main church housing many valuables, like the painting 'The Last Judgment' by Giuseppe Salerno. Some remarkable wooden sculptures by Quattrochi, like the notable Saint Gaetano, can also be seen here. It is a treat indeed to be in the midst of such pious surroundings.

Another feather in Gangi's cap are the 'Palazzo Bongiorno' and 'Palazzo Sgadari'. Supposedly built in the 18th century by noble families, the places are huge and house elegant paintings depicting landscapes and other objects from the era.

Some other religious buildings of Gangi include Church of Holy Savior and 'Sainte-Marie du Gesu'. Beautiful art and other decorations make these places worth a visit.

The Gangi town is served by Punta Raisi airport and isn't hard to reach. There are many comfortable hotels, bed and breakfasts and other lodging choices which blend traditional and the modern world wonderfully. From individual rooms with good heating, Wi-Fi and personal bath to rooms with wood fires, a tourist has much to discover and explore. Gangi is a photogenic town giving ample opportunity to capture memories and carry them back home.

Gangi also offers delicious local cuisine served in tasteful restaurants and hotels. A chance to savor the traditional Italian food in a real setting. The ambience of the hills coupled with the serenity of a slow paced life nourishes the spirit and soul.

Holidays serve to refresh us and a holiday in Gangi, Italy does just that and more. One gets to meet rich culture and friendly people. Let Gangi surround you in peace and contentment.

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