Wayne M. Gore - Nov 19, 2020
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Get a degree and see the world at the same time – what can be better? Distance learning may not be easy for some, but it certainly has its perks. For example, you can attend lectures from any location, be it the comfort of your home, a beach in Thailand, or the top of a mountain somewhere in South Africa.

However, things are not that easy in our turbulent times. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic continues to affect nearly every aspect of our lives – and traveling above all else. There are travel restrictions in many countries, and in others, 14-days quarantines are mandatory on arrival. In 2020, you just can’t go anywhere you please anymore.

An added problem for student travelers is remote learning itself. You, as a student, have to remember that traveling while studying and traveling on vacation is different in many ways. So, before we move on to our destination suggestions, let’s have a brief look at what you need to care about before you plan your trip.

What to Take Care About – General Advice

If you’re not a novice in traveling, you already know how to get prepared for a regular trip. But here’s something more you need to think about if you plan to study remotely from somewhere other than your home in 2020.

This is what you need to check:

  • Travel restrictions from your country to your prospective destination;
  • Coronavirus testing requirements;
  • The necessity of a 14-day quarantine on arrival;
  • The availability of reliable internet.

The last option is vital for remote students – obviously, there’s no distance learning without an internet connection – otherwise, you won’t even be able to enter a “write my paper” request in a search bar! So, leave your plans to visit less civilized corners of the Earth for vacations. During your term or semester, opt for cities and towns with strong infrastructure.  

Here are the places we suggest that you visit.

Mexico City, Mexico

The capital of Mexico had a bad reputation for being rather dangerous several years ago. But things have improved a lot since then, and now this beautiful city is safe enough to visit for everyone.

Mexico City has a lot of attractions for any tourist, especially for inquisitive students. First of all, this is a city with an insane number of museums – there are more of them than in any other city in the world. So, you’ll never have problems with where to spend your after-hours during the week.

Then, there’s the culture, the delicious Mexican cuisine, the climate, and a multitude of historical sites. Besides, this place is very student-friendly and is ranked among the top 100 student cities in the world.

California, USA

California dreamin’ can become your reality if you choose this destination. Being one of the most famous US states, it offers a great range of attractions for every tourist.

If you’re a nature lover, you surely know that California is home to the largest number of national parks in the US, including the famous Joshua Tree and Yosemite. Of course, such sightseeing takes a lot of time, but it’s quite possible to spend the weekend away from the fuss of the city.

If the great outdoors is not for you, then there are LA, lush beaches, and some of the world’s biggest entertainment parks.

New York, USA

The Big Apple’s attraction is pure magic. This city’s been praised and admired for God knows how many times, so you just have to see it to know what the fuss is all about.

Needless to say, New York has everything a student may need and more. There are museums, libraries, parks (including the famous Central Park), beautiful embankments, cafes, restaurants (well, probably not the best idea during the pandemic). All in all, you’ll never be bored in New York.

As for the finances, it’s always possible to find something that will fit in your student budget.

Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey is primarily known for being a cheap beach destination for summer vacations. This is what it remains to be, but in the light of the COVID-19 restrictions, it’s becoming increasingly popular among tourists from all over the world as a place for general sightseeing and recreation.

Travel to Turkey if you want to spend some time being close to the sea, enjoy a warmer climate, and taste one of the world’s most delicious cuisines while staying on a budget. However, be careful to check the availability of a reliable internet connection in your apartment – there’ve been reports about some issues with it in Istanbul.

Gozo, Malta

If you like to be close to the sea, but prefer a quieter place than Istanbul, then Malta may be the best option for you. This island country is a famous student destination that attracts people of all ages with its affordable language schools and beautiful historical sites.

During your stay, you will have no problem finding a place to watch your lecture with comfort, and in the evening and at weekends you’ll have plenty of places to visit. There are ancient buildings and scenic views, beautiful beaches, and entertainment activities in Malta that will keep you busy for many days or even weeks.

Wrapping Up

Studying remotely gives a lot of opportunities for students who love to travel. If you plan your itinerary carefully and take care of all the details, you can perfectly combine getting a degree with visiting some of the world’s most beautiful and interesting sites.

However, you need to set your priorities. If you agree that studies should always come first, then everything’s going to be fine!

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