Sep 20, 2022
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Every year we wait for winter to have fun in the snow, go ice skating or relish great dishes. Winter break in college days is a time to enjoy the Christmas spirit. You get a break to refresh and overcome the stress you face during your regular college days. 

Now, when you should not ask anyone “hey could you write my essay for me …”, the next big question arises - how to make holidays worthwhile. You must plan your winter holidays well so that you regain lost energy and have a great comeback after having optimal fun. You can explore a new place, visit some old friends, or spend time with family. You can use the break time by working a part-time job to earn extra cash. There’s a lot, and here are the top picks.

A road trip getaway

Domestic travel by road can be a good option to escape the routine and revitalize yourself during holidays. There are many exciting travel places locally that you can visit without traveling to a far-off place. 

If you are on a limited budget or lack time for a long holiday, going to a local destination can be equally enjoyable as traveling to an international location. You can have a fun-filled road trip to a nearby getaway with family and friends. Sharing holiday expenses is a good way to save money while traveling.

When you travel during the winter holidays, you wish to stay free of work. Having so much to explore leaves no time for school and college assignments. If you have an assignment that’s pending, look for the write my assignment service EduBirdie and be relaxed. The team of expert writers works round the clock to provide help with homework to you. You can also take assistance from cheap assignment help and let the experts handle your work. Expect error-free and well-researched essays, as highly-trained writers offer value-for-money services to college students.

Explore a city abroad

A winter holiday period starts in December and usually lasts up to mid-January. It is the best time to travel to your favorite destination abroad. Traveling to a new place can be a wonderful way to have a good break. You get an opportunity to learn a new language, immerse yourself in a new culture, and learn about new traditions.

You must plan a trip and book your flight tickets before the holiday starts. This will help you get discounts on flight tickets and stay in a hostel or other cheap accommodations or any other local place. If you are adventurous, avoiding a hotel stay can give you an experience of a lifetime.

Get a part-time job

You can make money during this period if you do not have extra cash or no travel plans. It will help you to save money, cover tuition fees, pay a student loan, and save extra cash for additional expenses. You can work in a research program as an intern, get a stipend, or volunteer opportunities.

There are many work exchange programs available for the short term that provide free accommodation in exchange for work. Many remote opportunities like freelancing, online gigs, babysitting, and house-sitting jobs can also help to earn during your winter break.

Spend the holiday with a pre-approved host family

Many families welcome international students to stay with them during winter break. This helps the students get international exposure by living in a safe place with a local family of their choice. Living with a host family is an affordable way to travel to international locations. The house owner helps you settle at a new place by making necessary arrangements.  

You can find a host family online as many people love offering a temporary homestay to people. You can contact them and choose the perfect holiday home for yourself. It is quite an enjoyable way to visit a new place, learn a new language, and get exposure to a new culture.

Visit an old friend

If your old friends live somewhere abroad, spending your holiday with them can be the best way to have a good time during winter break. You can stay at your friend's place, and they can be your best guide throughout the vacation.

You must discuss your plans with them and ensure your friend's availability. However, if you are not comfortable staying at a friend's place, it is suggested that you book a room in a hotel and then plan a short visit with your friend.


A winter break is a long festive break that gives you a reason to fall in love with it. You must plan to make it a memorable time. Depending on your budget and availability, you must celebrate the beauty of the winter season.

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