Tomas Haupt - Nov 27, 2017

When it comes to booking a hotel and planning a vacation or business trip everything is local. When you go online to book a place to stay that is the first step. Naturally potential hotel guests have a lot of questions about the hotel itself. They want to know about the price, the rooms, and all the amenities. However, that basic information is just the start.

When choosing a hotel to stay at, the local context is crucial. Where the hotel is located matters. Potential guests want to know what is going on in the area around the hotel. Whether a guest is there on a vacation or business they will want to know how close the hotel is to the local points of interest.

Someone on vacation may want to know where a museum or restaurant or amusement park is located, how far it is from the hotel, if the hotel has shuttles available or discounts to those places for guests. Someone on a business trip may want to know how far the hotel is from a conference venue or where it is in connection with the nightlife they may want to enjoy after they finish working for the day. Now there is an ideal app for that.

DeskBell Service is an app that provides a new local search feature for users. It is a powerful data collection search engine that collects data from 70 million pages on business in social networks, reviews and check-ins of connected users. It is a great tool for potential hotel guests.

It takes the pulse of the area around a hotel and within the city or town where it is located. Then it informs guests about what is going on.

It is incredibly useful for guests because the DeskBell application provides direct information about local events like concerts, live theatre, restaurant weeks, and exhibits at museum. It saves time because all the information is right there.

There is no need to spend a lot of time searching different websites and news portals. Today the world is a busy, fast-paced place. The convenience of having all that information in one place makes the DeskBell Service application an ideal place for potential hotel guests to go when it is time to book a hotel for a vacation or business trip.

DeskBell will determine the location of hotels and places of interest within the chosen range of a search. Then users can see the available options and make smart choices. Now available at:

app store - App Store

google play - Google Play


DeskBell Service: We are making the world better with a local map of events.

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