Kevin Eagan - Nov 29, 2010
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The regulation for the compensation of delayed flights has been there for several years however, passengers of airline companies are not satisfied with its abidance.


EU regulation concerning the compensations for delayed flights has been valid for 5 years now. Nevertheless according to the news published on the server, compensations paid by many airlines to the passengers for delayed flights are often very low. About 200 clients complained about the consumer unfriendly behavior in the online survey made by the WDR television.

In the questionnaire the passengers could clearly indicate what problems they had with the respective airlines and how the companies dealt with their claims. Although 92.5 percent of the respondents asked the airline companies for the compensation, most of them received only 15.4 percent of voluntary payments. On average, they were given € 95.00 each, which is still well below the level of compensation payments that are fixed in the Regulation and which should range between € 250 and € 600.

When the passengers decide to take the matter to court, another problem occurs. There are too many cases similar to theirs, so the procedure is usually very slow. According to the district court in Rüsselheim, 90 percent of all cases deal with delayed flights. Nothing else remains than patience and hopes for better future.

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