Alec Hills - Mar 7, 2011

Quite a lot of people die in aircraft accidents every year. Actually, there are only 7 airlines that were not involved in any fatal accidents in the past 30 years.


In 2010 more people died in aircraft accidents than in 2009. None of these fatal accidents happened to the 60 largest airlines in the world. According to the German office of JACDEC, there are only 7 airlines that did not cause any fatal accidents in the past 30 years: Air Berlin, Finnair, TAP, Qantas, Air New Zealand, Cathay Pacific Airways und All Nippon Airways (ANA).

The JACDEC survey covers only the last 30 years. Lufthansa with the ranking of 0,005 is on the 21st place among the largest and safest airlines. An airbus belonging to Lufthansa crashed on 14th September 1993 due to bad weather conditions at Warszawa Airport. Two people lost their lives in the accident. According to, Air New Zealand seems to belong among the safest. The disaster from November 1979, when a DC – 10 full of tourists crashed in Antarctica and 257 people died was not included in the survey.

Asian and South American Airlines can be found at the end of the 60-largest-airlines list. The results of the survey showed that following airlines are the most dangerous: Brazilian TAM with the ranking note of 1,397, 6 accidents and 336 dead since 1980; China Airlines with the ranking note of 1,286, 9 accidents and 755 dead; Brazilian company GOL Transportes Aéros established in 2001 with ranking note of 1,168, one accident and 154 dead. Saudi Arabian Airlines (1,030), Garuda Indonesia (Note 0,960) and Korean Air (Note 0,716) are also considered dangerous.

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  1. Caribbean Airlines and its predesessor BWiA have flown reguar full schedules to USA, Canada, Caribbean and South American countries, London and Hamburg for decades wihout an accident.

    Why do you ignore this?

    Claire Broadbridge (Trinidad and Tobago)

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