You Left out - The Victoria Falls

This famous waterfall is being threatened by both Climate Change and directly by Government decisions to build hydro power schemes on the river in proximity to the Falls. The old hydro scheme on the very lip of the Falls in Zambia has been doubled in capacity in recent years and as a result the Falls on the Zambian side literally stand empty for three months of the year when the water flows in the river are low. The plans to build the Batoka Dam some 60 km down stream of the Falls will cause the loss of the natural habitat in the gorges beneath the Falls within 2km direct line of site of the face of the Falls - in all likely hood the ecology of the river at this point will become sterile!
The fluctuations in water levels, due to extreme changes in rainfall - highs and lows, also has effected the river and will be exacerbated by the above.

Robin Brown (Zimbabwe)