Vanderlei J. Pollack - Apr 15, 2013
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The Chinese Government has release its plan to give more time to the hardworking Chinese people to enjoy their money by allowing them more time off work. This is aimed at improving tourism and travel.

Moreover, they have also opened up museums and parks for free and created programs that aim at protecting forests. Also, the Chinese authorities are developing more programs to allow the disabled, children and the seniors to enjoy tourism. Domestic tourism had been on the decline with very few Chinese knowing about their country's tourism potential due to long hours at work.

The country was poorly ranked when it came to the days that were given to holidays every year. China has 16 off days with the rest being weekends. This is however better compared to Canada that gets about 15 days and the worst being Mexico with 13 days.

The government targets to open up the parks and the museums free of charge and organizations are looking to create a challenge for the workers' rights to also create more time for them to engage in social activities. The plans also seek to lower the ticket costs for the seniors, the students and the children to allow them to visit these parks, museums and attractions more often. The reason for these is that this category has more time on their hands as compared to the working class.

The government is also targeting the improvement of the tourism infrastructure by creating more motels, inns, yachts, camps, motor home parks and cruise liners in a bid to boost the economy through the same channel.

The industry is expecting to grow by more than 9% in the next 10 years. The amazing thing is that tourism in China contributes about 13% more when it comes to the overall GDP of the country compared to busier industries including the automotive.

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