Richard Moor - Jun 7, 2010

A joint tourism project of Argentina, Cuba and Bolivia invites fans of Che Guevara to explore the countries and the legacy of the revolutionary.   

Although during his life Ernesto "Che" Guevara fought for the overthrow of the decadent capitalist elites, having left this world, he gave rise to the tourism business in his own name. Today it is his life and legacy that brought together Argentina, Cuba and Bolivia launching a unique tourism project – the ‘Routes of Che’. 

The tourism authorities of the three countries introduced a tourist route that follows the life of the revolutionist. His fans can thus follow their idol and see, how a young Argentinean dropped out of the Medical University, became an ardent fighter of the cause of revolution on the island of Liberty and was killed in a failed attempt to raise an insurrection in Bolivia, reported

“We don’t want to sell his life like the goods on offer at the counter. He walked the path of transformation and we believe that on the route the travelers may experience something similar,” explained Diego Conca, who oversees the Argentinean part of the route, which was already opened last year.

Following the route in Argentina, tourists may visit Rosario, where Ernesto was born, the province of Misiones, where his family owned tea plantations, and other places, where Che Guevara rode his motorcycle on the road to revolution.

In 1956, Guevara came to Cuba, where alongside the Castro brothers he fought for the leftist ideals. Later, he organized a guerrilla army in Bolivia but was captured and executed in 1967.

Today in Bolivia, the tourists may walk through the jungle to Higuero – the village where he was killed, and continue to the Valle Grande, where he was buried along with six colleagues and rested until 1997. At that time the remains of all seven guerrillas were exhumed and taken to Cuba.

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  1. I guess there is always somebody ready to go in the footsteps of some revolutionist - no matter how crazy or even brutal the original ideals of the person. Did you know that there are not only Lenin tours but also Hitler tours? Che Guevara - what's the difference?

    Sona (Slovakia)

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