Chris Grad - Apr 6, 2015

Targeting four continents, the official promotional campaign of Bolivia focuses on indigenous attractions that make the country a must-see destination for foreign visitors.

“Bolivian culture will be marketed this year in nine countries on four continents in an effort to promote tourism,” stated the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Marko Machicao. The official said the government plans to invest at least US $2 million to promote their culture abroad.

The promotion of the country’s cultural and tourism assets will engage various media formats in three countries in Europe, four in America, one in Oceania and two in Asia. "We managed to approve additional resources and we have a promotion plan for this year which will allow us to work in a number of countries,” said the minister.

According to Machicao, Bolivia’s profile, which is defined by its wonderful folklore, cuisine and tourist sites, will make the country a must-see destination for foreign visitors. "We have a very well developed campaign through which we are promoting our dances, folklore, cuisine and tourist attractions internationally," he said.

The tourism promotion campaign focuses on specific areas of each country, where Bolivian cuisine, culture and music are showcased. "We are going to do very specific activities with them assisted by the private sector," he explained.

The initiative begins with the promotion of national dances like la morenada, la diablada and el caporal, etc., together with the dissemination of information on intellectual property.

Machicao added that cultural expressions that must be registered internationally as the property of Bolivia are linked with indigenous festivals and have to be rescued to prevent their disappearance.

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