Tomas Haupt - Mar 18, 2019
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The festivities in the Marvelous City came to an end with seven million revelers partying on the streets and tourism revenues of R$ 3.78 billion, according to information provided by the City Hall.

A survey published by Riotur showed that the commerce, hospitality and services amassed R$ 3.78 billion during the four days of festivities of Carnival Rio de Janeiro. The amount topped the R$ 2.1 billion initially expected by the National Confederation of Commerce of Goods, Services and Tourism.

The tourism revenue registered by hotels, restaurants, and other establishments in Rio during the carnival was 26% higher than last year when the revenue was R$ 3 billion. Some of the reasons may be found in the number of tourists in the city, which jumped from 1.5 million in 2018 to 1.62 million in 2019, an 8% increase. The average length of stay also rose. Last year, it ranged from six to eight days. In 2019, it lasted from 7 to 11 days. And the hotel occupancy rate has risen from 87% to 90%, according to the Brazilian Hotel Industry Association (ABIH).

The estimates of the city authorities indicate that, until the post-Carnival Saturday, 5 million revelers visited the Rio streets to celebrate. This year, the city witnessed a parade of almost 500 Blocos, all regulated. Bloco das Poderosas, with the singer Anitta in command, gathered 420.000 people in the center of Rio.

Although they have revealed the tourism revenue estimates of the private sector during the carnival Rio de Janeiro, the city hall does not know how much money the festivities will add to the municipality itself. Initially, a $2 million amount was disclosed, brought by the ISS – the Brazilian tax on services. The amount was then dropped since it did not include the revenue from the taxes related to the hotel chains and other variables.

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