Andrew J. Wein - Mar 2, 2015
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The Brazilian Association of Corporate Travel Agencies (Abracorp) reported that the business travel segment in Brazil grew by 14.5% in 2014.

The data released by Brazil’s Tourism Ministry show that 25% of foreigners who visit the country every year do so for business. The average spending by these foreigners during their stay in the country is 89 euros per day, as against the 60 euros spent by leisure tourists. Among the activities the business travelers engage in are conferences and conventions held in Brazil, which recorded a 408% increase over the last 10 years.

According to data from the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), between 2003 and 2013 the total number of events rose from 62 to 315. In the same period, the number of Brazilian cities hosting such activities increased by 145% jumping from 22 to 54.

According to the latest ranking, Brazil is still one of the ten countries that have hosted most association congresses and conventions worldwide.

According to data from Abracorp, last year 13.1 million airline tickets to domestic and international destinations were sold, generating a profit of over €2.005 billion. This figure represents an increase of 22% over the 2013 figure, with an average price of 176 euros per ticket.

For Brazil the increase is great news, since business tourism favors the hotel market as well as trade, while attracting investment to the country.

São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are the main urban destinations, and are chosen by almost half of business travelers (49%). They are followed by Brasilia (10%), Belo Horizonte (8%), Salvador (7%), Porto Alegre (6%), Curitiba (5%), Recife (5%), Campinas (4%) and Fortaleza (3%).

This study also shows growth in the car rental sector, which recorded a 3.2% increase in total daily rentals (1.48 million).

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