Gregory Dolgos - Dec 20, 2010
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British national tourism agency VisitBritain intends to attract rich tourists to spend their dream holiday in the country. They plan to promote the idea world-wide. There will be three categories of holidays; gold for those who need or want to be seen, black for those who want luxury but no attention and platinum for those who cannot decide between the two previous categories.


The news agency Reuters informed that the major attractions in Britain will be chateaus, castles or theatres. British tourism agency will offer three categories of holidays according to luxury provided. There will be gold, platinum and black category. Some rich tourists want to present their wealth. They want to be seen and like to tell others about the unique things they experienced. The gold holiday is for them. Platinum is for those who do not need to be seen so much and the black category is for those who want to have a luxury holiday but want to remain unnoticed.  

As reported, VisitBritain hopes to attract ten million tourists who have an annual income higher than one million dollars. According to Patricia Yates, Director of Strategy and Communications at VisitBritain, many places have five star hotels, luxury spas, nice shops and golf courses. Nevertheless, Britain is also a cradle of many luxury brands. Stay at the London’s Claridge hotel, shopping at Selfridges in Birmingham or a game of golf at St. Andrew's golf course are all unique experiences.

VisitBritain conducted a survey thanks to which they were able to analyze desires of the rich tourists. As a result, they have decided to use the rich history of the country to attract the wealthy visitors. They will offer a dream holiday to those who do not wish to be disturbed as well as to those who want to play golf at the most prestigious golf courses in the country. Some of the tourists might be interested in spending some time in a chateau in Scotland sipping whisky. Culture lovers might get the opportunity to see the backstage of the Shakespeare theatre in London. Drinking delicious champagne, flying a helicopter, sailing on a steam boat or smoking fish, these are among the activities these tourists may do in Britain. The agency has 50 million pounds for the international advertising campaign and they want to gain additional 50 million from private sector.

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