William Law - Nov 29, 2010

In the build up to major sporting events in 2012, the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton could not come at a better time. The event is certain to bring more cash to the British Isles and serve as a great advert for the country.


The tourism agency VisitBritain has made the claim that the royal wedding everybody has been talking about in recent times is set to make more than 500 million pounds for the benefit of UK tourism. Not only will Brits, along with foreigners, make the trip to London to experience the event, yet there will be massive numbers of viewers on television. As Prince William ties the knot with Kate Middleton, hotel managers and tour operators will be counting their money.

Despite the effects of the world financial crisis, British tourism industry is worth around 16 billion pounds per annum. Around 30 million people per year visit the country. The royal wedding is important in this sense because it somewhat epitomes the qualities, which tourists associate with the UK. Britain is not a classic beach holiday destination, yet is instead steeped in tradition and extremely proud of its rich history. The monarchy has been drawing masses of tourists for a long time.

The event is also a great advertisement for the UK in the build up to the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics. It is similar to when the main boxing bout has a few tasty fights on the under card. The wedding could serve the same purpose and remind people of spectacles to come in London in a few years.

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