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One of the most interesting trends in tourism nowadays is visiting the so called "fake tourist destinations". The idea is that going to such destinations is more practical for the fact that they are more accessible and more affordable than going to the exact location of a certain tourist spot. The Taj Mahal of India for example has now its full-size replica in Dubai. On the other hand, India is also working on its plans to imitate Cambodia's Angkor Wat. Just as some people think that there is no substitute for authenticity, other people believe that imitations have their own fascinating appeal. Brought to you by

The Venetian, Las Vegas

Who can resist the beauty of the most romantic place in the world, Venice? The Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas has almost exact version of this famous landmark. Macau also has its own version. Both replicas feature a kilometer-long canal with all the gondoliers, Piazza San Marco and Ponte dei Sosipiro.

Paris Beach

Everybody knows Paris as one of the fashion capitals of the world. Aside from that, the place is also known for its historical significance, iconic landmarks such as the ever famous Eiffel Tower, museums such as the Louvre, vibrant streets such as the Champs-Élysées and of course for its restaurants that offer authentic French cuisine. But who would have thought that a river bank can turn into seashore? A section of La Voie Georges Pompidou in Seine River converts into an urban beach every month of July. There are palm trees, cafes, hammocks and sand of course. This fake destination has more than 2,000,000 visitors annually.

LEGO Miniland, Denmark

Hong Kong Disneyland is dubbed as "The Happiest Place on Earth", but Denmark's Legoland could also be one. Legoland is relatively smaller than Disneyland, yet the fun it brings is entirely equal. Go through the whole world built with Lego blocks. Aside from the fact that Lego is known to be "the toy of the century", Denmark where Lego was invented is known to be 'The World's Happiest Nation".

Taj Mahal, Bangladesh

Before Dubai, Bangladesh already had its own version of Taj Mahal. The replica was owned by Ahsanullah Moni, a rich local filmmaker, spending approximately $50 million USD and it took five years to finish. Because of that, Moni was threatened to be sued for copyright infringement by the Indian High Commission. The spokesman however who initiated the protest was considerate enough for he later realized that a copy of Taj Mahal is a form of flattery.

Foamhenge, Natural Bridge, Virginia

Foamhenge is a tourist attraction which is a full-replica of the Stonehenge, a mysterious prehistoric monument that is originally found in Wiltshire County in England. The structures are entirely made up of foam and are accurately located in their original positions. Foamhendge was established by Mark Cline in the year 2004 and he said that it was so far his greatest achievement.

London Thames Town, Shanghai

Shanghai's version of the London Thames Town slightly flopped among tourists. Although it almost looked exactly like a British village, the problem is that there are only few tourists who visit the place. It is supposed to be a village that is full of vibrant streets, yet it turned out to be a creepy ghost town.

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