Joe McClain - Nov 12, 2012
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Have you ever thought about exploring a foreign city from a different perspective? If so, a balloon ride is one of the best choices, since it will not only offer you an amazing overview of the whole scenery, but it will also help you find a lot of hidden places which are not easily accessible from the ground. presents top 10 travel destinations for hot air balloons.

The Pyrenees, Spain

If you choose to cross the Pyrenees by a hot air balloon, you are guaranteed quality memories and an unforgettable experience. The Catalonian buildings which resemble a huge game board, an unspoiled volcano crater, and various green fields are just few of the attractions you will be able to admire during your ride.

Gatineau, Quebec

With spectacular scenery, 51 astonishing skyscrapers, and numerous serene rivers, you'll hardly find a better destination to admire from a balloon than Gatineau. Furthermore, if you visit this region during the annual Hot Air Balloon Festival, you will get the chance to choose from dozens of balloon models, such as a giant space shuttle or an enormous birthday cake.

Cappadocia, Turkey

If you want to admire a truly unique landscape, then you have to visit Cappadocia. While you float into the clouds you will be able to admire a sandy desert, red canyons, steep valleys and a wide range of mountains, which all seem to come from a surreal fairytale.

Temecula Valley, California

Temecula Valley, also known as the wine country, will introduce you to wonderful rural scenery, composed mainly of lovely vineyards and wide fields. Make sure not to miss the Balloon & Wine Festival, which is held every year in this region, or else you might miss your chance to combine the pleasure of traveling with the joy of wine.

Rocky Mountains, Colorado

The Rocky Mountains are a spectacular mountain range in North America. While on a balloon ride, you will be able to admire various dramatic peaks, steep valleys and also a wide range of lakes.

The Outback, Australia

You are going to be amazed by what this region has to offer. Featuring a remote desert are, various rock formation landmarks, such as Mount Olga and Ayers Rock, waterholes, sparkling springs and rock caves. The Outback has an eye-catching attraction for everyone, and if you choose to admire it from the sky, it is a dozen times better.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat provides numerous surprising spots especially when viewed from the sky. You will get to admire many religious landmarks, such as the renowned Angkor Wat Temple, which is the largest religious building you will ever come across. You will also be able to look up to various temples, mosques, and other interesting sites.

San Carlos, Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers diverse landscape, and if you choose to join a hot air balloon ride, you will be floating over volcanoes, rainforests, lakes and mountain villages, which all share a different story to be told. You will also get your chance to interact with monkey-inhabited treetops and flowing rivers.

Château d'Oex, Switzerland

Located in the Swiss Alps, Château d'Oex cannot be simply described through words. You have to be there in order to witness the picturesque mountains and their views, and if you manage to visit this region throughout the annual Hot Air Balloon Week, you will definitely gain a lot of unforgettable memories.

Maasai Mara, Kenya

While riding a hot air balloon over Maasai Mara, you will encounter various grasslands, woodlands, open plains, rivers, and also a dramatic plateau. What is truly impressive about this nature reserve though is that it hosts annual Great Migration, where millions of zebras, gazelles, and wildebeests travel throughout the land, making it the ideal location for a hot air balloon ride.

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