Richard Moor - Dec 10, 2012
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Travelling is enjoyable especially if we visit destinations that are proven by experienced travelers to have the best for us. An online tour organization, G Adventure, has selected five best travel bloggers to compile a list of 13 excellent places to visit in 2013.

Everything Everywhere, Nomadic Matt, Legal Nomad, Uncornered Markets, and Wild Junkie are the the blogs that were engaged. They are well known as portrayed by the huge number of likes they have on Facebook as well as the number of followers that they have on Twitter. The travel blogs are written by professionals who mind their work. To get reliable information, they visit several destinations each year. The following is the list of the best destinations for 2013 compiled by the bloggers:

1/ Brazil

Being the host of world cup 2014 and the Olympic events of 2016, it is anticipated to be the leading place to visit in the coming years.

2/ Albania

Its climate and the Adriatic coast are some of the factors that attract visitors. It is the best site if you want to relax during your holiday.

3/ Burma

The elections that were held last year has opened borders to visitors. Earlier on, the country welcomed a limited number of visitors since access was not easy.

4/ Mongolia

Initially Mongolia had strict travel regulations that discouraged visitors but currently it is accessible from China since the borders of Bulgan and Takashiken is now open to passport holders from different parts of the world.

5/ New Zealand

The release of Hobbit movie in December is likely to attract more visitors next year.

6/ Bolivia

This destination has unique scenery like Titicaca Lake in the north and the famous salt regions in the south.

7/ Sri Lanka

The end of civil war has ended insecurity to visitors and thus they are free to visit the region all year round.

8/ Istanbul

You may like to visit the beautiful sceneries like Antalya and Trabzon. It is rich for those who love sightseeing activities.

9/ Iceland

The financial crisis of 2008 had made this destination very expensive to visit but currently the situation is normal and prices are relatively low.

10/ Singapore

It is the country's 50th year of independence from the British crown. Go and enjoy their unique culture during the celebrations.

11/ Namibia

Safari opportunities and natural features like deserts, dykes are some of the things you won't like to miss. The activities you find in Namibia are unique and memorable.

12/ Jordan

Several interesting films have been shot there and it is the best place for you if you want to really confirm some of the sites you see in movies. Jordan was the set of the British epic film Lawrence of Arabia in 2012.

13/ Zanzibar

The activities of its celebration of the 50th year of independence from the British are likely to draw attention. If you want to enjoy the African culture, you must not miss the events.

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