Andrew J. Wein - Jun 9, 2023
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Bavaria is almost as popular a tourist destination as before the Corona slump. In the first four months to the end of April, the number of guest arrivals rose by 43 percent to 9.7 million compared to last year, announced the state statistics office. The number of overnight stays rose by 28 percent to 25.3 million. The Bavarian Hotel and Restaurant Association president, Angela Inselkammer, said: "Great news! Compared to the years before Corona, we are almost back to the same level."

The statistics indicate that Bavaria is a popular vacation spot. However, the hospitality industry needs assistance recruiting sufficient staff. There exists a disparity in occupancy rates between four- and five-star hotels versus three-star establishments, with those in the middle facing greater difficulty. On a positive note, the balance between urban and rural tourism has become more even than in previous years. City tourism flourished in 2019, while rural facilities struggled with decreasing guest numbers. However, the situation reversed during the pandemic years.

According to the state office, in April and the first four months of 2023, all seven of Bavaria's administrative districts were above the previous year's figures. Of the 25.3 million overnight stays by the end of April, 5.0 million were in Munich, 6.2 million in the rest of Upper Bavaria, 4.3 million in Swabia, and 2.3 million in Central Franconia.

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