Andrew J. Wein - Apr 10, 2022
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After a successful start to this year's tourism year compared to the previous year, the Bavarian State Office for Statistics reported a further increase in demand in February at the 10,690 open accommodation establishments.

Almost 1.5 million guests came to the Free State and stayed overnight in a Bavarian accommodation facility.

81.6 percent of guests in February 2022 came from within Germany (February 2021: 85.1 percent) and only 18.4 percent from abroad (February 2021: 14.9 percent) boosting Bavaria’s tourism. The situation is similar for overnight stays: Here, domestic guests contribute 85.4 percent (February 2021: 84.5 percent), while foreign guests account for 14.6 percent (February 2021: 15.5 percent).

With around 1.3 million people (85.6 percent), the majority of the almost 1.5 million guests in February stayed in a lodging establishment of the hotel industry. The collective term "hotel industry" includes the classic hotels, hotel garnis, inns and guesthouses.

After the hotel industry, the most frequented type of establishment is the vacation centers, houses and apartments with a share of 6.6 percent of the guest volume and 12.4 percent of the overnight stays. The remaining types of establishments (youth hostels and mountain huts; recreation, vacation, and training homes; campsites; preventive and rehabilitation clinics) share the remaining 7.8 percent of total guest volume and 17.9 percent of all overnight stays in February 2022.

Among the administrative districts, Upper Bavaria (around 654,000 guest arrivals; a good 1.8 million overnight stays) and Swabia (around 278,000 guest arrivals; just under 1.0 million overnight stays) recorded the most arrivals and overnight stays. Just under 242,000 guest arrivals and almost 600,000 overnight stays are attributable to the state capital of Munich.

In Germany as a whole, the number of overnight stays in February increased by 161 percent to 18.8 million compared to the lockdown month last year. A year earlier, there was a ban on accommodation for private travelers due to the pandemic. However, the level of the pre-crisis month of February 2020 was still significantly below 37.3 percent.

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