Larry Brain - Apr 18, 2011
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Chinese tourists have been traveling to Australia more than before and the records are being renewed constantly. This is great news for Australians who have been recovering for some time from a number of setbacks, including earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand.


Many Australian hotels have started replacing bacon and eggs on breakfast menus with dumplings and curries. The reason for this is that a sleeping giant has been waking up over the past few years and more Chinese tourists have been coming to Australia than before. By February this year, short-term arrivals from China were up by a record 28%, meaning that Chinese tourists are now the most important foreign tourists in Australia. Taking the fact that more and more Chinese have been spending their holidays abroad into account, it could be argued that they fully own the number one place on the Australian market.

The trend mostly started in 2010 when China overtook the United Kingdom in value to Australia. This means that setbacks such as Brits having less money, earthquakes in Japan and nearby New Zealand have been deemed less grave by the influx of the Chinese. No wonder the hotels have started to amend their menus.

Although there have been a number of campaigns, including an online campaign and radio marketing, Australia has pretty much sold itself to the Chinese market. More Chinese tourists are expected in Australia in the coming years, especially with the opening of a number of new airline services between the two countries. Hainan airlines have recently opened up direct flights between Hangzou and Sydney.

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