Bill Alen - Jun 27, 2011
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After being affected by a smaller flow of tourists from tsunami-hit Japan and financially damaged USA, Australia has begun to realize that the main source of income from tourism in the next few years will probably come from China.

One of the latest trends in the global tourism industry are the growing numbers of Chinese travelers around the world. Australia is one of the countries striving to attract them with its landmarks. Since the Chinese tourists are able to spend greater amount they are becoming more and more important for the Australian tourism industry.  

Last year, Australia welcomed around half a million Chinese citizens, leading to $3 billion dollars being left on Australian soil. The beach culture is said to be particularly luring for Chinese people. In China it is rare to find the opportunity to stroll along a beach, which is not full, or to have access to a beach at all. The negatives for Chinese people abroad, such as the Paris syndrome, are by far outweighed by the new methods of engaging in pleasure tourism.

The Federal government’s response has been to produce a 10-year plan to triple the amount of Chinese tourists in Australia by 2020. 12 years ago, Australia became the first nation to grant China the approved destination status. Considering that tourism is Australia’s second biggest earner behind mining, the move seems to have been a wise one.

This is especially true now that the British and Japanese have been shying away for varying reasons including tsunamis, rising Australian dollar and economic turbulence.

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