Dan Rang - Sep 27, 2014
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During your cruise, would you opt for unlimited open bar or unlimited free internet? A recent survey shows that one third of cruisers would go for free internet.

The question standing open bar and free internet against each other was posted on the Facebook page of Cruise Holidays International. Within a short while, comments from the 100,000 plus Facebook followers started trickling in. Naturally, people especially those who have never been on a cruise would expect unlimited open bar to win by a big margin. Well, the truth is that the margin between the two choices is narrower than expected.

The responses from the first 200 people were tallied by Cruise Holidays. 32% preferred unlimited free internet while the other 68% chose unlimited free open bar. 

Comments came in all manner of forms. Open bar supporters found it strange to want internet when escaping from work and home. Others could not imagine how one would pass a drink to use internet.

Traditionally, bar drinks, soda, and internet are never part of the basic fare paid for the cruise. However, drinks are being included as part of the cruise fare by some cruise lines more so the luxury ones. Anyone who loves his tipple will certainly be attracted to such a cruise. Being offered more than two drinks free of charge would certainly be worth the cruise. Other firms such as River Cruise Line have been including free wine during the dinner and lunch. 

Cruise lines such as Celebrity Cruises have introduced “Pick Your Perk” program which is quite popular. A cruiser has the option to pick one out of four perks which are complimentary. The two people free Beverage Package is one of the popular perks. The cost of the beverage for 10 days would total to $1,125 inclusive of gratuities. This certainly isn’t a small amount.

While on a cruise, you may want to use the internet to connect to your office. The internet is also used to share the photos the cruisers take. You may want to stay in touch with family and friends back home. Various internet packages are offered by the cruise lines. The rate normally decreases the more you use the internet.

The announcement made by Royal Caribbean International pertaining to internet in cruise liners is one of the most momentous. The announcement was made a month ago as the company was making a brief on its upcoming “Quantum of the Seas” SM ship.

According to the company, the internet connectivity on the ship is extremely fast. In fact, its bandwidth is one-of- its- kind and has never been observed at sea. Also, it still surpasses that of the other entire world cruisers combined together. Once cruisers experience the connectivity aboard Quantum of the Seas, on board Internet will start taking new shape.

Many cruisers always get shocked by the costs of alcohol purchases, internet usage and more while on a cruise. The best way to avoid such sticker shocks is talking to an expert who specializes in cruise travels prior to your trip. They will offer you helpful tips and guidelines in regard to cutting costs on a cruising trip.

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