Ashley Nault - May 31, 2010
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Resort owners have had to re-think their plans to upgrade during the economic crisis. Many have discovered the potential and true value of zip lines. They are thrilling, add an adventurous twist to a resort and do not cost a fortune.


Zip lines may sound a bit dangerous and it is no surprise adrenalin seekers are keen to try them. In recent years, they have become increasingly popular, especially in the United States. Resort owners who are searching for ideas how to spice up their current facilities and services agree that zip lines are a god-send. Unlike some upgrades, the cost of creating zip line parks range from approximately $250,000 and $1,000,000, depending on the length of the zip lines, height and terrain.

As with many other adventure novelties, zip lines were originally designed for a different purpose – as a solution for transport across deep canyons, or wide rivers, generally inaccessible areas. Sailors of the British and American Army were also trained using zip lines.

Today, zip lines represent a popular attraction and out of the 10,000 world wide, approximately 300 serve purely commercial purposes. Clearly, USA is the kingdom of zip lines, with more than 100 located here. Another 24 will have opened by the end of year 2010 as stated Jeff Coy and Amanda McDaniel from JLC Hospitality Consulting in the latest report on zip lines.

There are several kinds of zip line parks, mostly depending on the terrain. Immensely popular are canopy tours; these feature platforms placed in treetops and connected with the zip lines. Initially, this was a means of scientific research in Costa Rican rain forest.

Traditional zip line tours involve a similar experience, however, comprise of towers and poles, rather than trees. Many ropes courses have already added the zip line as a bonus in the end. The most thrilling are zip rides, which are much faster and longer, often to be found in resorts.

Whether it’s all year round, in snow or hot sun, zip lines simply do the trick. They are thrilling, challenging and fun. For up to about $100 adventurers may learn about the environment, local natural specifics and gain an unforgettable experience of ‘almost’ flying.

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  1. Outdoor Venture Group, LLC builds Aerial Forest Parks in Us

    OVG has built two adventure pars in the USA one at Catamount Ski Area in MA and one in Sandy Spring, MD just outside of DC. In addition to zip lines, these parks include many different obstacles, ladders that provide challenges as well as thrills.

    Ralph Selvaggi (USA)
  2. Mal Pais Costa Rica

    Really like to have a adventures tours and had gone on many such ones. The zip lines seems a good but never had a chance to take one. Would be looking for a chance to visit the spot.

    tour_er (Afghanistan)

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