Vanderlei J. Pollack - Nov 18, 2008

The last time a German manufactured air bus was transported from Germany to the USA, it turned out to be a disaster. The Hindenburg disaster of 1937, whereby the airship caught fire, still lies at the back of many peoples’ memories, especially the scene of the accident in New Jersey. However, the recent arrival of the most modern Zeppelin to San Francisco from Germany has gone someway to banishing the horrors relating to the reputation of airships in the aftermath of the infamous Hindenburg disaster. Now a new tour business offers rides aboard the airship in San Francisco – the Airship Ventures Zeppelin.


Today, there three Zeppelins in the world. The afore-mentioned German airship is part of the trio, along with one in Japan and another in the U.S. The great advantage of travelling in an airship is that one can enjoy the views better than in an ordinary aircraft.


Unlike commercial aircraft, airbuses are able to travel slowly and hover above cities and countryside. Therefore, passengers can enjoy spectacular views for as long as they wish. Although airship trips tend not to be on the cheap side ($500/hour), few people ever complain about the quality of the experience. Weather plays a role in whether trips take place or not only in terms of visibility and not safety.


The San Francisco ship reaches a speed or 78 mph, thus giving passengers the perfect opportunity to gaze around such sights as Silicon Valley and Napa Valley. There is little to suggest that the airship will not be a success. As long as Hindenburg is not a primary thought in the thoughts of many, airbus trips should increase in popularity. The management of Airship Ventures Zeppelin projects annual revenues of $9 million.


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