Michael Trout - Jan 29, 2024
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Traffic problems can cause long traffic jams, frustrating people who travel by car. Many cities, particularly the larger ones, struggle to cope with the overwhelming influx of traffic. The roads are congested with excessive cars, vans, and trucks. The TomTom "Traffic Index" is an annual report that ranks the cities across the globe that are facing the most extensive traffic jams. This ranking comprises almost 400 cities in 55 different countries. Brought to you by Tourism Review.

5/ Lima

South America is also represented among the most extensive traffic jams in the world - Peru. Traffic problems in Lima, the capital of Peru, have worsened significantly in the past year. It now takes an average of 28 minutes and 30 seconds to drive through a distance of ten kilometers, which is one minute and 20 seconds longer than it used to take. During rush hour, the average speed of cars drops to only 17 kilometers per hour.

4/ Milan

This part of southern Europe has appeared in the ranking for the first time. During rush hour in Milan, cars travel at an average speed of 17 kilometers per hour. It takes 28 minutes and 50 seconds to travel 10 kilometers. This is a slight increase of 20 seconds compared to TomTom's previous data analysis.

3/ Toronto

Drivers in Toronto, Canada, experience the longest traffic jams outside of Europe, with a 10-kilometer route taking an average of 29 minutes to complete. This is a slight increase from last year. During rush hour, traffic moves an average of 18 kilometers per hour through the city.

2/ Dublin

The second place for the largest traffic jams also belongs to the English-speaking part of Europe. Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is also facing substantial traffic problems. However, they are comparatively smaller than those in London. On average, drivers in Dublin need an average of 29 minutes and 30 seconds to travel a distance of ten kilometers, which is one minute longer than in the previous year. The average speed during rush hour is 16 kilometers per hour.

1/ London

London is the city with the greatest traffic chaos. According to the latest survey, it takes 37 minutes and 20 seconds to travel a distance of 10 kilometers on average, one minute more than the previous year's survey. During rush hour, the average speed in London is just 14 kilometers per hour.

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