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Thousands of museums can be found all over the world ranging from the boring ones to those beloved not only by adults but children as well. Explore top five museums focusing on fictional characters and get ready for unique experience. Brought to you by

The Sherlock Holmes Museum (London, UK)

The Sherlock Holmes Museum can be found, not surprisingly, on the legendary Baker Street, London. The museum depicts the home and work life of the detective Sherlock Holmes, the fictional character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The museum is a four story building designed in full Victorian style. It can be accessed through the shop on the ground floor which sells an assortment of Holmes related books and mementos.

The first floor is the study overlooking Baker Street. It was cleverly designed and arranged to look like Sherlock’s room described in the book. The items mentioned in the book that people commonly associate with Holmes can be found easily in his study and bedroom. Also, there is a real-life Doctor Watson welcoming the visitors. The third floor contains wax models of other characters that appeared in the popular books by Doyle as well.

The Pink Panther Museum (Santa Rosa, USA)

The Pink Panther Museum, located in Santa Rosa, CA, boasts a personal collection of 6000 items all of which are connected to the Pink Panther character. The items were bought and brought from Spain, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Australia, the US, and many other countries. It includes all kinds of things including clothing, food items, toys, advertising materials, holiday decorations, office supplies, china and all other things with the image of Pink Panther.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum (Las Vegas, USA)

Madame Tussauds is a famous wax museum with chains all over the globe. The Las Vegas chain does not disappoint with its considerable number of wax figures of celebrities, fictional characters, politicians, and other people of importance.

A variety of wax figures are on display at the museum in Las Vegas as well. It includes athletic superstars, pops tars, Hollywood A-list stars, cultural icons, and television stars. Visitors love to take pictures of Spiderman, James Bond, Jack Sparrow, and many others.

In addition, there are special exhibits where guests can pose with the wax figure in a themed setting. An example is the "Sing for Simon Cowell" exhibit where visitors can pretend to audition in front of the veritable critic and former American Idol judge.

Jara Cimrman Museum (Prague, Czech Rep.)

Opened in 2002 the museum is popular especially among local fans of the great fictional icon, Jara Cimrman. It is placed in the basement of an old tower on Petrin Hill, Prague. The position is very well chosen because the main inspiration of the architects who built the Petrin Tower is the Eiffel Tower in Paris. In stories, Cimrman was told to be one of those who assisted in designing the infamous landmark.

Cimrman is a fictional character created by a comedy theater group. He was portrayed as one of the greatest Czech poets, playwrights, teachers, poets, travelers, detectives, philosophers, mathematicians, inventors, and sportsmen of the 19th and early 20th century.

Although he was intended to be just a caricature for the Czech people, he became immensely popular and is often considered to be a national hero. In most stories, he was said to be the inventor of almost everything, including a light bulb and dynamite, but was not acknowledged for his works.

Potter's Wax Museum (St. Augustine, USA)

Potters Wax Museum, the first American wax museum, is a great place to visit in St. Augustine Fla. It is filled with 160 sculptures of both fictional and famous people. Although Madame Tussauds made the wax figurines famous in the 1800, George L. Potter was the first one to open a wax museum in the United States. That trivia alone makes the place a must visit.

The museum features people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Albert Einstein, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and even Scooby Doo. In addition, the museum has a mini theatre that features short 12 minute clips and a nice gift store filled with collectibles and memorabilia.

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