World's Quirkiest Camps for the Grown-Ups

Gary Diskin - Jan 27, 2009

Do you think only children play games? Do you think you are too adult to be crazy? Well, you are not! There are many adults all around the world who do not want to give up their childhood games and toys and who would do anything not to have to. A summer camp is a perfect opportunity. Here you can meet people of all ages who have a hobby in common and who just like to play games, even though their hair may be grey and their face wrinkled. Tourism Review brings you the list of top ten absolutely crazy camps for adults from

1. Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp (various locations)

In this camp, music is what matters – in fact, THE music, the rock’n’roll! At various places around the USA, fans gather to become singers or instrument players and play in a band – at least for a while. It does not matter whether you play guitar like Santana or mistake guitar for sitar – musicians of all levels are welcome!

2. Gladiator Training (Cavalieri Hilton, Rome)

The Cavalieri Hilton hotel offers its guest the experience of the real gladiator training. Professional instructors from the Rome Gladiators’ School teach their clients the ancient combat techniques and explain some details from their often quite short life and painful death. All this in a private hotel park where nobody needs to be afraid of being pointed or laughed at.

3. Ghost Hunter University (Hotel Maison de Ville, New Orleans)

Everyone who saw the Ghost Busters has probably at least once dreamed of hunting a ghost for themselves, yet they never knew how to do it. Here is a chance! Held at various haunted locations all over the world, ghost hunting university offers seminars and lectures for professionals and amateurs, fans and skeptics, simply for everybody.

4. Space Camp (Huntsville, Ala.)

All boys, little and big, dream of becoming an astronaut (or a dustman), but only a few of them make their dreams come true in the end (and most of those who do become dustmen, not astronauts). The Space Camp gives you the impression of what it would be like if you really managed to leave the Earth and travel to the stars.

5. Elephant Mahout Training (Four Seasons, Thailand)

A lesson of elephant riding is surely a rare and exceptional experience, even though you won’t probably be using the skills you gain here too often. Yet who knows, maybe an elephant will escape from the local zoo once, you will catch and tame it and become a local hero. Or maybe not, still, who can say he can ride an elephant and not be a liar?

6. Gondolier Training (Hilton Molino Stucky, Venice)

The famous hotel chains are obviously trying to come with new and bizarre ideas to keep their rich customer amused. In the Hilton in Venice, you can enter a gondola driving lessons and learn how to keep balance as well as how to behave, as proper etiquette belongs to gondoliers just like their black and white striped shirt. If you do not have enough money to pay the bills later, you may earn some right away driving people around the city.

7. Crossword Puzzle Creation (Holland America's Statendam)

Sounds boring? It is not – the seven-day Eastern Caribbean cruise seems to be quite a cool summer experience and while traveling, you can learn how to solve crosswords, improve your vocabulary and learn how to create your own original crossword.

8. Poker Camp (various locations)

It is not particularly hard to guess what you will do in this camp. World’s top players come to various places every year to teach the amateur players some of their tips and tricks. When you come home later, you can amaze your friends with your fantastic skills and maybe even win some big money! Worth a try, isn’t it?

9. African Vet Safaris (South Africa)

Do you also wonder what this is? Well, we did, so we did some research and here is what came out: you will travel to Africa to experience first hand what life in the bush is really like while assisting the professionals on various African wildlife capture programmes. All captures are due to ecological reasons so you do not have to be afraid that the poor giraffe or rhino suffers just for you to have fun.

10. Wine-Making Camp (Sonoma and Napa, Calif.)

The wine camp offers a different wine experience – while mostly, you get the product and just taste, here the way to your favourite beverage is a little bit longer. First you pick the grapes, then you make your wine, being of course guided by an experienced wine-producer and then you taste it. After leaving, you will be able to appreciate the real value of a bottle of good wine.

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  1. Now I know why they call them Kameelperde.
    Disgusting "Sport" Those poor giraffe must be petrified being chased like that!
    Hope the organisers get kicked one day!

    (South Africa)

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