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Cruise ships are increasingly becoming small floating cities. When measuring cruise ships, gross tonnage (GT) is used instead of passenger capacity, length, or draft in meters. The term "ton" originated from the number of wine barrels or tons a sailing ship could carry. A GT is equivalent to 100 English cubic feet or 2.83 m3, approximately the size of a telephone booth. Therefore, ships are measured rather than weighed and are referred to as having a "GT," "tonnage," or "measurement of x GT." These are the top ten largest cruise ships in the world. Brought to you by Tourism Review.

10/ MSC Virtuosa

The MSC Virtuosa is a ship owned by MSC Cruises, a Swiss shipping company. It is the second vessel in the Meraviglia Plus class and was christened in Dubai on November 27, 2021. It sails through Spain, Portugal, France, and Northern Europe. The ship boasts an impressive shopping experience with eleven boutiques spread over almost 1200 square meters. This makes it the largest shopping area on the high seas. Additionally, guests can enjoy five pools and a variety of dining options in ten restaurants.

Tech data: 181,541 GT / passenger capacity: 6334 / cabins: 2421 / length: 331 meters / width: 43 meters.

9/ Carnival Celebration

The Carnival Celebration, launched in 2022, is the flagship vessel of the US Carnival Cruise Line. It has six distinct zones with unique themes and features. The ship's most remarkable attraction is its roller coaster. Two-seater cars reach up to 60 kilometers per hour, climb to a height of 57 meters above sea level, and travel a distance of 220 meters. Currently, Carnival Celebration is sailing in the Caribbean.

Tech data: 182,800 GT / passenger capacity: 5374 / cabins: 2687 / length: 344 meters / width: 42 meters.

8/ Aida Nova

The Aida Nova cruise ship commenced operations in 2018 and was the fifth largest in the world. However, it has now slipped to the eighth position. It boasts 17 restaurants and 23 bars, along with a shopping area of over 1000 square meters. Additionally, the ship has a climbing path and a studio where TV shows are produced. Currently, Aida Nova sails in Northern Europe.

Tech data: 183,900 GT / passenger capacity: 5,200 / cabins: 2,626 / length: 337 meters / width: 42 meters.

7/ MS Iona

P&O Cruises' biggest ship is MS Iona, constructed in Germany and christened in Southampton in May 2021. The SkyDome is a notable feature of the ship, comprising a glass dome roof covering a pool and serving as an event venue at night. MS Iona is currently traveling to Northern Europe.

Tech data: 184,700 GT / passenger capacity: 5206 / cabins: 2614 / length: 344 meters / width: 42 meters.

6/ Costa Toscana

The Costa Toscana, Costa's giant ship, was constructed in the same Finnish shipyard as the Icon of Seas. Its maiden voyage occurred in March 2022, just like its sister ship, the Costa Smeralda. The Costa Toscana runs on LNG and has eleven Mediterranean and international cuisine restaurants. It is currently sailing through the western Mediterranean.

Tech data: 185,000 GT / passenger capacity: 6522 / cabins: 2663 / length: 337 meters / width: 42 meters.

5/ MSC World Europe

In December 2022, MSC World Europe embarked on its first journey in the Gulf region. This flagship of MSC Cruises runs on liquefied natural gas and is renowned for its eco-friendliness in the cruise industry. MSC World Europa provides entertainment options with 33 restaurants, bars, lounges, and an 11-deck water slide. At present, the ship is sailing in the Western Mediterranean.

Tech data: 215,863 GT / passenger capacity: 6774 / cabins: 2633 / length: 333 meters / width: 46 meters.

4/ Allure of the Seas

Royal Caribbean International, a popular shipping company, dominates fourth place. Their ship, Allure of the Seas, was delivered in 2010 and was once the largest cruise ship in the world. The ship offers an exciting zip-line experience for adventurous passengers and has a beautiful Central Park area filled with lush greenery and trees. Currently, Allure of the Seas cruises through the Caribbean region.

Tech data: 225,282 GT / passenger capacity: 6780 / cabins: 2742 / length: 362 meters / width: 65 meters.

3/ Harmony of the Seas

In 2016, the Harmony of the Seas was christened in Fort Lauderdale and held the title of the world's largest cruise ship for two years. Royal Caribbean's shipping company promotes it as the perfect vessel for families. The ship features the largest slide ever seen on open waters, and a theater that frequently hosts Broadway performances. The Harmony of the Seas sails through the USA and the Caribbean.

Tech data: 226,963 GT / Passenger capacity: 6687 / Cabins: 2747 / Length: 362 meters / Width: 66 meters.

2/ Symphony of the Seas

From 2018 to 2022, the world's largest cruise ship was the Symphony of the Seas. Its first journey began in November 2018, from Miami to the Caribbean. The ship offers many exciting activities, including a ten-deck slide, 13-meter-high climbing walls, a zip line, surfing simulators, and more. Currently, the Symphony of the Seas sails through the western Mediterranean.

Tech data: 228,081 GT / Passenger capacity: 6870 / Cabins: 2759 / Length: 362 meters / Width: 66 meters.

1/ Wonder of the Seas

The Wonder of the Seas is currently the world's largest cruise ship until the Icon of the Seas is delivered next year. In the spring of 2022, the Wonder of the Seas embarked on her maiden voyage in the Caribbean, offering guests exciting amenities such as a ten-floor slide, a surfing simulator, climbing walls, and a miniature golf course. Presently, the Wonder of the Seas is sailing in the Caribbean.

Tech data: 235,600 GT / passenger capacity: 6,988 / cabins: 2,750 / length: 362 meters / width: 66 meters.

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